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365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade with 365 FX Trading?

The range of tradable assets at 365 FX Trading doesn’t depend on your account. Even if you choose the smallest one, the whole selection will be at your disposal. And trust us when we say, that selection is incredible.

365 FX Trading offers over 200 tradable assets from different classes. You can choose between Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. As you can see, the selection is amazing, and we are certain that you will enjoy trading if you open an account here.

There is one thing we liked the most and we want to focus on that for a little bit. The number of available cryptocurrencies is incredible. There is Stellar, Ripple, Polkadot, Monero, Licevoin, Ethereum, Dash, Cardano, BitcoinSV, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Yuan. Everything you can imagine will be at your disposal. Besides cryptocurrencies, you will be able to trade with stocks from some of the most popular currencies such as Zoom, Apple, Netflix, etc.

Overall, we are more than satisfied with the selection and now you can see why we like 365 FX Trading that much. This broker really offers everything to its clients and we always appreciate that.

365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

365 FX Trading Accounts Offered

Now that you know all about trading assets, it’s time to see what account types and trading conditions this broker offers. The selection is excellent, we can say that from the very beginning. We checked each account and no matter the level of experience, you will be able to find something here. Basically, that’s what we liked the most about 365 FX Trading. This broker takes into consideration both professionals and beginner traders.

You have an option to choose from five different accounts. The minimum deposit requirement varies, and it goes from 250 to 100,000 EUR which means you can always find something suitable for your budget.

The smallest account is Basic, and you can deposit just 250 EUR if that’s your current limit. This account covers the most basic trading conditions such as market reviews, leverage up to 1:100 and you can choose every asset on the list. For a beginner, this is more than enough and once you learn some moves, you can easily switch to a Silver account.

The Silver one offers more possibilities, but you need to deposit at least 10,000 EUR. This time leverage is 1:200, you will get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, financial planning, and limited access to webinars. This is an excellent offer and if you are having doubts, we would always recommend Silver over the Basic account.

The next one is Gold and this time you have to deposit 25,000 EUR or more. This one will provide you with some things like trading signals, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and level two of prioritized withdrawals. Aside from all that, you will get every single thing that we mentioned in the previous account plus the leverage that’s up to 1:300. This offer will make your trading journey much more pleasant and you will be able to trade with peace of mind knowing that you can always count on a dedicated account manager.

The biggest account is Platinum and you have to deposit 100,000 EUR to be a Platinum member. Of course, the things that you receive in this account are much better than in the previous ones. For example, there are VIP spreads, leverage is up to 1:400, you have complete access to trade room analysis and VIP events. Also, you can count on every webinar and private analyst session while the withdrawal prioritization is level one.

The last account is VIP, and this is invitation-only. In other words, you can upgrade your existing account anytime under certain conditions. This will give you complete access to everything this broker has to offer, and it is created for people who want a high-level experience that is completely custom-tailored.

There aren’t many things that we can say now, because 365 FX Trading proved to us, they can make impeccable service with great conditions. So, let’s just move on to deposits because account types totally fit our taste.

365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

365 FX Trading Withdrawal and Funding Methods

For payments, you can use one of the three methods that are offered. Credit Card, Bank Wire, or Bitcoin Transfers. It’s totally up to you to select the desired method but there is one requirement. You have to use the same method when you want to withdraw funds. If you choose a Credit Card there is a possibility to use a few of them. In that case, you will receive equal amounts of money on each card when you withdraw funds and every additional profit will be transferred via Bank Wire.

Processing speed is good. Deposits are instant and withdrawals take from seven to ten business days. First of all, you have to go through the Identity Verification process and that’s a mandatory step. This ensures safety so it really doesn’t matter if it slows down the whole process for a bit as long as your funds are secured.

When you verify the account, the withdrawal process will begin. The average waiting time depends on the account you have since each account comes with a different level of prioritization. In other words, Premium account members will wait for less than Basic ones.

When it comes to commissions, we were surprised to see that 365 FX Trading doesn’t charge a lot. There are certain fees you have to pay but you won’t have to worry about hidden ones. Everything is transparent with this broker. If you want to check everything, you can go to the Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy page and everything is explained there.

As you can see, this is not a broker who will charge you a lot of money for some unnecessary fees. Everything on that list is more than reasonable and that’s something we appreciate a lot.

Education Resources at 365 FX Trading

To be honest, there is nothing more important than a good education. Without it, you won’t be able to improve your trading skills and have better results with time. That’s exactly why we like to dedicate a special part of each review to education. Just to be sure a broker will be able to provide you with enough material.

365 FX Trading created a special place on the website that’s dedicated to education. It contains eBooks, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary and you can access it even if you are not a client. The Glossary and Asset Index are always handy as well as the FAQ page.

The thing that gained the most of our attention is the eBook section. There are so many materials for free and you can read all of them even if you are not a client. Of course, if you become a registered user, you will be able to enjoy more learning material and learn all about CFDs and Stocks, General Trading, Capital Management, etc. So, it’s more than clear this broker wants to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at 365 FX Trading

We won’t keep you in suspense, you should know straight away that our experience with customer support is nothing but positive. The main thing we ask for is responsiveness. Of course, an agent has to be polite and educated as well, but that comes as an addition. Long story short, what we want to see is the customer support that works at least 5 days a week.

365 FX Trading provided four different contact methods and that’s enough for now. You can choose the method that suits you the most — Live Chat, online form, email or phone call. Either way, each of these methods works great and someone will reply the same day if you send a message within the working hours.

To see how responsive they are, we dedicated to sending a message using Live Chat. There was a thing about funding methods that interested us, so we asked that and one of the customer representatives greeted us at the same minute. The whole discussion lasted for a couple of minutes and we received every single answer. The agent was equally polite the whole time and that created a nice atmosphere. That said, we cannot say a single bad thing about customer support.

If you decide to start trading here, we encourage you to send a message each time you have a problem, because someone will be there to help you solve any potential issue.

365 FX Trading Forex Broker Review

Is 365 FX Trading a Good Broker?

Before each review, there is one thing we always do. Check every comment on the Internet to see the client’s experience. In this case, there were so many positive comments from clients that are fully satisfied with the service. At first, we were sceptical, but now we can clearly understand why that is. Whoever opens an account here will be able to trade with an honest Forex broker who values each client