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Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

Ainvestments claims to be one of the world’s leading providers of Contract for Difference (CFD). This broker delivered trading facilities on Shares, Forex, Commodities and Indices and offers comprehensive technology that enables them to provide powerful platforms and different activities for clients.

As an addition, Ainvestments has a solid relationship with many international banks, which means you will receive increased trading volume and vast liquidity. All of this sounds more than amazing, but there is one little problem. If you search this broker on the Internet, the only thing you will find is negative reviews. This is a red flag from the beginning that tells us all those claims are nothing but written words and the last thing you want to do is start your trading journey with a broker who makes false promises.

Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade with Ainvestments?

The list of trading products is big, which is a good start. There is an option to choose between CFDs, Indices, Commodities, Shares, Forex, ETFs and Bonds. When it comes to stocks, the selection is good but it’s not the best one we have seen. You have a decent amount of choices, but if you are used to brokers that offer more than 200 assets, you will be disappointed.

If you are here to trade Indices, Ainvestments offers Germany 30, USA500, UK100, France 40 and you will gain access to global industries and economies. The good thing is that there are no commissions and spreads are fixed, but that’s what they wrote on the landing page. Once we go through the Terms and Conditions, we will find out if that is true or not.

Overall, there is nothing negative we can say about tradable assets at Ainvestments. You have different asset classes at your disposal, stocks from all major companies are available, there are popular Forex pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc. We can say that the first part of this review went great, but it’s time to move to more important things and see whether Ainvestments offers good trading conditions and a proper platform to its clients.

Ainvestments Trading Accounts Offered

The account type selection looks great. There are four account types and you can choose according to your trading experience. For beginners, this broker provided a Standard account with just a $250 deposit requirement. For that amount of money, you will get a desktop and mobile trader, demo account, economic calendar, daily video market reviews, one on one platform lesson and 24 hours customer support (five days a week). This is a good offer for beginners because you will receive everything that is necessary for a perfect start.

Premium account is the next one and the minimum deposit requirement is $1,000 this time. Aside from all those things we mentioned, you will get an exclusive welcome bonus, autochartist market alerts, reports and forecasts as well as educational video tutorials and eBooks and a dedicated account manager.

The third option is a Platinum account that has spread reduction, VIP trading support and dedicated senior account manager and VIP deposit bonuses. The only requirement is to deposit at least $5,000.

The last account is VIP and with it, you will have every single benefit this broker can offer. For example, individual trading strategy and support, priority account and payment processes alongside the exclusive corporate gifts. Of course, the minimum deposit requirement is higher this time and you will have to add $20,000 to your account. One of the benefits of a VIP account is the possibility to get weekend getaways to exotic locations, individual bonuses, spread reduction and a dedicated support team. This is not bad but keep in mind one thing, all those corporate gifts and weekend getaways should not be the reason you choose to become a VIP member. True to be told, some brokers will offer better conditions within higher accounts but if other segments of Ainvestments business are good, we won’t complain about this.

Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

Ainvestments Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Once you visit the Withdrawal and Deposit Payments page, you will see an endless list of payment methods. At first glance, we were so surprised to see all of that, but soon after we realised that you need to select the country and after that, the list will be much smaller. For example, if you choose the United Kingdom, you will have just two options — Credit Cards and Bank Transfer, without the option to deposit cryptocurrency. Also, the maximum transaction via Credit Card is 15,000 USD which is very low.

The deposit process is quite simplified. You have to access the main screen and click on the Deposit button, after that just add the amount and fill in all required details. Once you do that a confirmation will appear and you can start trading.

To sum up our impressions about funding methods, we can say that those are not the best conditions ever, but they are not the worst either. So, it’s somewhere in the middle and to be honest, we don’t understand why anyone would settle with the middle offer when you can find a broker that will provide you with much better things and possibilities.

Education Resources at Ainvestments

Unfortunately, this time it’s not possible to talk about education. Not because we don’t want to, but because there isn’t one. This broker won’t give you a single educational article and the only learning material is Glossary. Needless to say, this is not enough especially when we consider that glossaries can be found at any place.

Not being able to gain new skills is a huge problem and that’s why we cannot recommend Ainvestments even though we liked what we saw at the beginning. We wish they implemented at least the blog section to post some informative articles to clients, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Customer Support at Ainvestments

Contact Center is one of the most important parts of a broker. If you want to open an account and start trading, you have to make sure that there is someone at your disposal, who is ready to help you solve any potential problems that might occur.

Ainvestments offers a FAQ page, where you can search for all important answers. For example, if you are interested in opening an account, there is a detailed instruction there. Fifteen, to be precise. And while we appreciate that, there is one problem. If you wish to deactivate that same account, there is not a single article about that. So, this broker only provides answers to the questions that are interesting to them, everything else is just skipped.

Another problem that we have is the fact that Live Chat and an online form are missing. You can find an email or send a fax but that’s it. Those contact methods are not enough and there should always be an option for a fast reply, such as Live Chat. This time, you will have to wait for a couple of days to receive an answer (in the best-case scenario) and if you have a problem, that’s a long time to wait.

So, this is the part that completely disappointed us. We could never recommend a broker that doesn’t have good customer support and unfortunately, Ainvestments is one of those brokers.

Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

Is Ainvestments a Good Broker?

After everything we saw, we cannot say that Ainvestments is a good broker. Certain parts of its business satisfy our trading needs completely, but the most important parts such as good customer support or proper trading platform are not fulfilled and that’s why we can only recommend you to continue your search and find a better place for trading. There are brokers who appreciate your time and money and there is no reason to settle for less.