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ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

In this ArrowTeks review, we will go through a broker founded by Forex veterans. Since they have years of experience, they are ready to share the knowledge and help clients improve their trading skills. We won’t lie, there is something special when you read the sentence “founded by experienced Forex traders” and it instantly raises the expectations on another level. We just hope those expectations will be fulfilled at the end of the review because in that case, we will have one excellent broker with good trading conditions.

At ArrowTeks, clients can expect personalised 1-on-1 coaching and industry-leading market data. This company was founded with one idea, to build long-term relationships with clients and today we will see if that is really the case.

What can you trade with ArrowTeks?

ArrowTeks allows you to trade with different asset classes and all together they count over 200 tradable assets. If you open an account, you will gain access to Cryptocurrencies, Currencies, Commodities and Indices. So, there are a lot of possibilities to be explored and if you have any issues deciding, visit the Asset Index page because here you will find more information about the desired asset.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

Is the ArrowTeks trading platform secure?

We understand the concern about trading platform security since it is one of the most important parts of every broker. The first thing you need to know is that ArrowTeks offers a unique solution and it’s a web-based one. Unfortunately, there isn’t a downloadable option but the good news is that the platform is completely optimised and you can use it on every device. Basically, you won’t even feel a need to download it. The only thing you need to do is log in from your desired device and start trading.

It’s not a secret that we expected to see a good and optimised platform. After all, ArrowTeks is established by professionals, so they know what clients’ needs are. First of all, it has to be responsive and clean. Each person has to manage it with ease, even though they are visiting for the very first time. Well, it is organised and divided into three parts. The first one is for account management, the second one belongs to assets and the third is a chart that shows everything about the specific asset you choose.

There is a possibility to arrange everything you want. For example, the row in the middle has a drop-down menu and you can change assets by the daily change, trending or simply put them in alphabetical order. Also, the chart is fully customisable and there is not a single thing that cannot be arranged as you wish.

The design met all our expectations. It doesn’t matter if you already have an experience or not, you can navigate through it easily. But the most important thing here is security. We spent a lot of time on the platform and there wasn’t a single error in that period. This means you won’t have interruptions and you can trade with peace of mind. So, our overall experience is excellent. The platform is well-designed and safe, and that’s the only thing that matters.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

ArrowTeks accounts offered

Each level of experience requires a different account type. At Arrowteks, there are four of them so you can choose according to your preferences. Of course, each account has something unique to offer and the main difference is the deposit requirement you have to make.

The one that requires the least is named Silver. With it, you can deposit only €250+ and that’s an excellent offer. Needless to say, you cannot expect to get a lot of beneficial things in this case, but the most important conditions are provided. Leverage up to 1:100, more than 200 assets and market reviews. If you are a beginner, you won’t need more than that.

For traders who want to invest a bit more, ArrowTeks prepared the Gold account and in this case, the minimum deposit is €10,000+. Within the Gold account, you will get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus fund, better leverage (1:200), gold spreads and many other things that will help you make better trading moves.

The third account is Platinum and this might be our favourite. The deposit cannot be lower than €50,000 but the trading conditions within this one are excellent. You can count on private analyst sessions, trading signals, weekly webinars and prioritized withdrawal processes. Leverage is excellent, 1:300 and the spreads you get are Platinum. Overall, you won’t miss a single thing if you go with this account.

The last account is invitation only and this one is called VIP. Of course, everything that ArrowTeks has to offer as a broker will be available to each VIP member, so if you are into full access to all webinars, events and promotions, you can make a request on the website and ask access to this account.

The diversity of accounts is excellent and we are glad to see that ArrowTeks thought about inexperienced brokers, too. This makes them a perfect place to start and a good stepping stone for your future trading career.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

ArrowTeks withdrawal and funding methods

As a funding method, you can choose one of the three offered — Credit Cards, Wire Transfer or E-Wallet (APM or EFT). The deposit process is simple, you need to have an account and once you are signed in, just go to the Trading Platform and you will see a deposit button. That’s it. Funds will be transferred to your trading account instantly, and there are no deposit fees.

Things are a little bit different with withdrawals which is nothing unusual. Depending on the account type, the process lasts from seven to ten business days. Of course, with VIP it will be instant while the Silver members need to wait longest. Each withdrawal is followed with Identity Verification and this ensures your funds are safe. So, security is a big part of ArrowTeks and we appreciate that.

For withdrawals, you will have to pay certain fees but they are very low (1% only) and the minimum requirement for a withdrawal request is 100 USD/EUR/GBP. The last thing we want to mention is the one that surprised us the most, withdrawal cancellation policy. Yes, you can change your mind and cancel the request anytime even if it’s already proceeded. You just have to send them an email, and after some checkups, the money will be on your account. Also, there is a refund policy and if you are not satisfied with some part of the service and you have a solid reason for account deactivation, they will proceed with your request within 48 hours. The only thing you have to pay is a 1% fee and the membership will be closed.

As we said, cancelling and refund policy surprised us the most and we are very satisfied with that part. This is not something you see every day, which means this broker is quite sure in its business and that’s a big plus.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

Education resources at ArrowTeks

In Forex, it’s the most common thing to receive different educational material depending on the account you choose. That’s the case with ArrowTeks, too and if you choose a Platinum account, you will get much more than with the Silver one, based on your level of experience.

That’s what we expected to see, so there are no surprises. But, the thing that surprised us is the free education ArrowTeks offers to everyone. Each website visitor can go to the Education Center and open an eBooks page. Inside, you will find Basic Technical Analysis eBook, Advanced Strategies, CFDs and Stocks eBook, etc. It’s more than obvious that these eBooks are written by professionals and we are so glad to see the insights of the things you get if you become a client.

So, even if you decide to move on and look for another broker, make sure to stay at the ArrowTeks website for a bit and read everything they prepared. It will help you with the future trading decisions for sure.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at ArrowTeks

If you have any questions or issues, there are four different ways to reach out to ArrowTeks support and assistance. You can do that via email, online form, phone call or Live Chat. From our experience, customer service is responsive and you can choose the method that suits you the most. Either way, you will receive a fast and in-depth answer.

This broker doesn’t provide constant support, but we do not mind that because they are responsive anyway. Each time we sent a message, a reply came first thing in the morning which is good enough.

ArrowTeks Forex Broker Review

Is ArrowTeks a good broker?

Based on our experience and all positive reviews on the Internet, ArrowTeks is an excellent broker. As a client, you will have a lot of benefits and someone will be there to assist you anytime you need help. Just keep in mind that this broker accepts clients from all around the world, except The United States, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran and Syria. So, if your residence is someplace else, you are more than welcome to open an account and start trading at ArrowTeks.