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Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

Due to the pandemic outbreak in 2020, more and more people have been giving online trading a go. Now, more than a year later, you can say that this industry has become mainstream. Still, every day there are more and more people that are jumping into this. Many people are bound to shape their entire opinion of this industry based on their first experience. If you run into a scam operation, you are less likely to continue investing in this manner. On the other hand, if your first brokerage is legitimate and trustworthy, then you are much more likely to turn this into a full-time career.

Today we examine one of the brokerages that have been in the news lately. Blueprint Capital has caught the attention of the trading community by apparently being one of the best new brokerages in the industry. Despite not having a pedigree, they have managed to attract a good amount of traders, and they are very vocal about it on the internet. As we never believe the hype, and always like to form our own opinions based on our experiences, we spent several weeks trading with this brokerage, and now we are ready to tell you all about it. By the end of our Blueprint Capital review, you will get a pretty good idea of how this brokerage measures your own trading needs.

The first impression you get with This brokerage is style over substance. Everything from the colour scheme to the web design is laid out meticulously. The emphasis is placed on the platform and its key features. We appreciated the absence of self-boasting is has become prevalent in the last couple of years. This reserved approach tells us we are dealing with a serious brokerage that has other values in mind. We were intrigued and wanted to discover what is underneath the surface, and whether Blueprint Capital offering can match its stylish presentation.

Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Blueprint Capital

A good portion of the trading community has been used to using platforms such as Meta Trader given how almost every brokerage out there has been using it in the past several years. It has become an industry standard for a reason, but it is definitely now without its flaws. This was the basis for Blueprint Capital to build its own solution. They have created from the ground up to their own web-based trading platform. While this will seem off-putting to some veteran traders at first (us included), after spending some time trading on it, we were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered.

Since the bulk of your trading career is spent observing and interacting with the trading platform, this is the one aspect you want to do right as a brokerage. Blueprint Capital has made it possible to remain immersed in the trading experience by allowing pretty much any activity to be performed within the platform. This way, there is less downtime, and you can be much more efficient with your time.

Blueprint Capital offers more than 200 tradable assets. They are neatly organised in categories that include Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. There is even an extra helpful tab called watchlist. Here you can add all the stocks you own or are simply keep a close eye on some that you wish to add to your portfolio later down the line. It is exactly because of these qualities of life improvements that Blueprint Capital has attracted so many traders. Each asset has a small preview screen that holds vital information such as the buy and sells price, and with an additional click, you can find out even more about it.

Interacting with assets is very smooth. We have to note that the performance of the platform remained perfect no matter how much analysis we performed. Granted, there aren’t as many tools available as in MT, but what is on offer is enough for most traders. The real-time performance monitor makes it easy to interact with each asset and assess whether it would be a good addition to your portfolio. Blueprint Capital has made a bold move with its platform, but we feel this is something that will pay off in the long run.

Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

Blueprint Capital Trading Accounts Offered

Another thing that caught our attention immediately is the diverse offering of trading accounts. There is a good balance between what is offered for beginners and experienced traders. Traders can choose from Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. These vary in price and features. You can spend as little as €250 to start trading with the Basic account or go as high as €100,000+ for the top of the range Platinum one. Available perks mostly fall into three categories: quality of life improvements, educational resources and performance boosters. You should take a good look at the Blueprint Capital “account types” page and figure out for yourself which ones of these work for you. We enjoyed having trading signals and private analyst sessions the most because we got a lot in return.

Blueprint Capital Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

If you ever traded before, you will pretty much know what to expect. Blueprint Capital does not try to reinvent the wheel here but relies on true and tested methods. If you have a bank account anywhere in the world, you can trade here. You can fund your account with a credit card, debit card or even wire transfer. Waiting times are different when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. While the former is executed immediately, the latter can vary. This is mostly due to your bank and its policies. However, this has nothing to do with Blueprint Capital. During our time trading, our funds were kept safe, and we had no issues withdrawing our money in the end.

Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

Education Resources at Blueprint Capital

Blueprint Capital offers plenty of educational content for traders of all levels. The material that is more beginner-friendly is located on the website within the Education hub. Here you can learn about trading fundamentals, terminology and much more. Once you master this, you can move on to the more advanced material. Based on your account type, you will be eligible for some of the following: webinars, private analyst sessions, financial and risk management planning, daily market reviews and much more. There is plenty on offer here, and if you devote enough time to it, you can seriously improve your trading skills and start trading with much more confidence.

Customer Support at Blueprint Capital

Our trading experience was pretty much flawless, so to test out the customer support, we needed to focus our inquiries on theory. When we reached out to their representatives, they were very patient and polite and were able to provide us with a professional response each time. This was true for all communication channels. So feel free to chose between writing emails, contacting the Call centre or interacting with the Live Chat feature. In the end, Blueprint Capital needs to be commended for operating with such a high degree of professionalism.

Blueprint Capital Forex Broker Review

Is Blueprint Capital a Good Trader?

Blueprint Capital is one of the best brokerages we encountered recently. It has a great offering that combines an excellent platform with superior support on all levels. This is more than enough to have a great trading experience. This brokerage is quickly expanding, and it remains to be seen how it handles this surge of new traders. If our experience is anything to go by, you will not go wrong with Blueprint Capital.