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Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

This Carter Williams review will include everything. From the trading platform to accounts and commissions. So, it doesn’t matter if you want to trade CFDs, cryptocurrencies or any other asset class, we will cover everything and explain why we believe Carter Williams is a good place for trading.

What Can You Trade with Carter Williams?

This is a broker that offers more than 200 tradable assets from different classes. You will be able to choose between Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. Since each account allows you to trade from the whole list, it’s totally up to you to decide what you want to choose.

We checked every asset on that list and the one thing we can say is that it fulfilled our expectations. You can choose stocks from some of the most popular companies such as Volkswagen, Zoom, EasyJet, etc.

Once you visit the trading platform page, you will see the list in the middle. That list is customisable and it’s up to you to arrange assets the way you want. For example, you can set the list by the daily change, training on alphabetically. The whole user-experience is excellent with Carter Williams and that’s the first thing you will notice.

Is the Carter Williams Platform Secure?

Carter Williams offers its web-based platform. We are talking about a unique solution that has the highest possible quality. You won’t have to download and install anything, simply visit the page from every device and that’s it.

This is a fully customisable platform, that has every important trading tool. Once you open the page, you will be able to adjust everything according to your needs and save that for future trading. We spent hours and hours on the platform, testing every feature and not once did we have a problem. So, it’s safe to say that the Carter Williams platform is more than secure.

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

Carter Williams Accounts Offered

If you decide to open an account at Carter Williams, you can choose between five of them. The Basic one will provide you just enough for a good start, especially if you are new to this Forex world. You will get over 200 tradable assets, market reviews and significant leverage up to 1:100. The deposit is minimal with this account and it’s only 250 EUR which is great. So, if you don’t want to deposit more than this at the beginning, go with the Basic account.

The next one is Silver and the minimum deposit requirement this time is 10,000 EUR. Within this account, you will get market reviews and every tradable asset from the list, but as an addition, you get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, leverage up to 1:200, trade room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinars and Level-3 withdrawal prioritization. This is an excellent account, but if you ask us, the Gold one is even better and we would most certainly go with that one.

The Gold account allows you everything that we mentioned above, but the spreads are Platinum this time, leverage is up to 1:300, you will receive trading signals, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions and Level-2 prioritized withdrawal process. And you will be able to enjoy all of that if you deposit at least 25,000 EUR.

As the fourth option, there is the Platinum account. This is the highest account in the offer, and it allows you to trade with VIP spreads, leverage up to 1:400, have complete access to trade room analysis, webinars and lucrative VIP events, as well as a Level-1 prioritized withdrawal process. With this one you have to deposit at least 100,000 but compared to all those things you receive, it’s not much.

Lastly, there is a VIP account that is sort of an upgrade to your existing account. If you are a member of Carter Williams but you want to enjoy the custom-tailored solutions simply go to the Account types page and press the Upgrade your account button. An agent will contact you and you can discuss all the benefits.

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

Carter Williams Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Before we discuss those payment methods, you should know that in line with the KYC Policy, you are required to provide some documents to this broker before any transaction is completed. This is the Identity Verification process and it’s an absolute must because it ensures the safety of your funds. Does it prolong the whole process for a bit? Well, yes. But it will protect you from potential frauds and that’s what really matters.

As a deposit method, you can use Credit Card, Bank Transfer and eWallet. There are no deposit fees, so you can choose whatever suits you the most. Also, deposits are instant, and you will be able to start trading from the moment you hit the deposit button.

When it comes to withdrawals, you have to use the same method as for deposit. The whole process lasts from seven to ten business days, depending on the account. This is not a lot, since it includes the verification process as well. Of course, the main thing that determines how long the whole process will last is the account type you select because the higher the account, the better the withdrawal prioritization level.

For commissions, Carter Williams offers competitive pricing regardless of the asset class you trade. You won’t have to pay unnecessary fees and the only ones that are charged are quite reasonable. The whole list is on the Terms and Conditions page and you can stay informed without worrying about the hidden fees.

Education Resources at Carter Williams

Speaking of education, Carter Williams can compete with the best brokers in this industry. It offers different educational material that covers every level of experience. Also, different formats are covered and you can enjoy written articles, video lessons and webinars. Whatever suits you the most.

As a visitor, you will be able to explore different written content that’s related to trading basics and advanced strategies. For this, you don’t need an account, you just have to go to the Education page in the main menu and choose the eBook that you find the most interesting.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn more, as a client you will have a chance for that. Carter Williams provided different levels of education, for every account type. With the basic one, you can learn how to trade and how to make proper moves, while other accounts bring more opportunities. Also, the selection of webinars is good and if you prefer video lessons over the written articles, you will have plenty of those.

As you can see, this broker made sure to provide everything that can help its clients. You will be able to improve your skills, learn new things and bring your trading game to another level. We really appreciate that, because there aren’t a lot of brokers who are ready to pass the knowledge to everyone, even the people who are not clients.

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Carter Williams

Since we are getting close to the end of this Carter Williams review, you can tell that we liked everything that we saw here. If you open an account, you won’t be having any negative surprises or problems with this broker but still, if something unexpected occurs, you can contact their support.

There are four different methods to reach out the support email, phone number, online form and Live Chat. Use whatever you prefer, we are certain they will reply as soon as possible. Of course, if you go with Live Chat, the reply is instant if you send a message within working hours. That’s exactly what we did. We sent a message to check if representatives are polite and responsive. They are, indeed. We received a reply at the same moment and continued our conversation.

The customer representative was polite and educated. We received every answer that we needed about withdrawals and there is no doubt they will help you if you have any problem. Just send a message and discuss it with them.

Carter Williams Forex Broker Review

Is Carter Williams a Good Broker?

With such a competitive offer, different tradable assets and great support, we can only say Carter Williams is a good broker. If you open an account, you will be able to enjoy the top-notch platform that has some of the most popular trading tools, improve the knowledge you already have and bring trading skills to the next level.

Overall, this is a broker we can recommend without any hesitation.