Forex investment What Benefits This Website Offers?


The first step toward successful Forex trading is finding an online educational website that will offer high-quality learning material. If you ask us, this might be the most complicated step because you need to spend a lot of time analysing every part of the offer. That’s exactly why we spend a lot of time trying to find new websites that will be worth recommendations.

One of those websites is College for Trading, a well-known name in the Forex industry. This is an educational site that has a lot of satisfied clients and that’s exactly why we wanted to see what kind of service it provides. 

For us, there are some things that plan a big role in the service quality and we will put all our focus on that. First of all, we need to see if the selection of learning plans is good enough. Every website like this has to offer plans for both beginners and professional traders, so we will see if that is the case with

Aside from that, customer service is an important thing and if we cannot count on it, we will probably just skip that website. We know it’s most likely that you won’t even need assistance when it comes to educational websites, but anyways, they need to provide one just in case. So, let’s go straight to this College for Trading review to see if it managed to provide proper service quality for every client.


Is Technology on a Decent Level?

The website design is simple, you won’t have any problem with the navigation even if you are visiting it for the very first time. There is the main menu with every important part of the site, and that makes things much easier. If you need to see the plans that are offered, you can do that from the main menu, also if you want to select a specific plan and pay for it you can do that in just a few clicks, but we will talk about that later.

The big plus goes for the minimalism CFT implemented on the website. We hate to spend a lot of time trying to find important things that interest us and that’s why we like how they do things. There is no need to waste time trying to find a registration button or contact center. Everything is there and the most important thing, there are no distractive details that will just take away your attention from learning.

Overall, this part completely satisfied our expectations, but let’s move on to the more important things such as plans, customer support, etc.

How Many Plans Does CFT Offer?

Since the website design completely satisfied our expectations, it’s time to move on to plans and see if clients have a decent selection or not. First of all, there are three different plan types and the main difference between them is the price and the amount of educational material you will get.

The most basic option costs only 248 EUR, which is excellent. Of course, you cannot expect to receive every benefit this website provides, but you will be able to learn the basics about the Forex market and if you are a beginner, this will be more than helpful. What awaits you in the Bronze plan are five introduction courses, one in-depth course, four eBooks, and three market research. That’s an excellent deal considering how low this plan costs. 

If you choose another plan, you will have much more material, but you will also need to pay more. To be honest, the difference between the prices is not that big and that’s the thing that surprised us the most. The Gold account is priced at 485 EUR and it offers seven introduction courses, four in-depth courses, and videos, eight advanced eBooks, five market research, trading psychology as well as daily analysis and asset trends. Needless to say, things like this are very important and if you finish the Bronze course, our advice is to enroll in one of the bigger ones as well. Trading psychology is a very important part of FX trading and you need to learn all about it. That’s why we liked how College for Trading divided those plans. There is something for every level of experience.

Lastly, there is a VIP account, which is the most popular one. That doesn’t surprise us since it costs only 895 EUR and you have nine introduction courses, all the advanced lessons and videos, eleven advanced eBooks, six market research, in-depth laws of economics, a complete list of trading terms, basic and advanced technical analysis and professional trading strategies and tools. As you can see, everything this website provides can be found in this plan and that is amazing. We are more than satisfied with the VIP offer and it’s more than clear why it is the most popular plan this website has to offer.

The final conclusion we can give about the plan type diversity is that College for Trading knows how to make an offer that will satisfy both beginners and professional traders. We are completely satisfied with the offer and if we can give you one piece of advice, it would be to choose a bigger plan, not the most basic one. Learning material that you can get within the higher plans are impeccable and they will make the overall experience much better. But you can also start slowly and upgrade your knowledge once you finish the basic course. As a matter of fact, it’s all up to you.


What About the Courses CFT Offers?

We spoke about different plans and what you get once you choose the one you want, but let’s see what exactly College for Trading means when they say in-depth courses and eBooks. Needless to say, good courses are one of the most important factors when it comes to websites like this and if they are not prepared in the proper way, then it’s all in vain.

The first part of the main menu is called Courses. If you go there, you will see a selection of introductory courses, in-depth courses, eBooks, and market research. And why is this important? Well, first of all, it shows us how transparent CFT is. There are not a lot of websites that will allow you to take a look at all those courses before you choose and pay for a specific plan. With this website, things are different, and if you want to check what you can expect you can do that here.

For example, some of the introductory courses include trading terms, MetaTrader tutorials, advanced lessons, the laws of economics, social trading, and many more things. You can check all of them if you want and after that, you can decide if this offer suits you or not. When it comes to in-depth courses you can count on Crypto Currencies courses, trading tools, CFDs and stocks, etc. There is also a list of eBooks that is quite long and you will learn every single thing from them.

Finally, we need to emphasize two things. The first one is that cft22 provides a 10-day money-back guarantee, so even if it turns out these courses are not for you, you can count on getting your money back. This is one of the security steps they implemented on the website to make sure that you feel safe and know that your money is in good hands. The second thing is the fact that you will have 12 months’ access to each course. There is no need to rush into anything, you can take your time and start learning slowly until you are completely sure that you finished everything.


Can You Count on Support?

The importance of proper customer support is not something that should be discussed. It’s a mandatory thing to provide responsive support that will be available at least five days a week, so if a client has a certain problem, they can contact someone.

With College for Trading, you will have the support that is available from Monday to Friday and if you need to reach out to them, you can do that using a mobile phone, email, online form, or Live Chat. Of course, the fastest method is Live Chat and that’s why we decided to send a message there to see if we will get a reply at the same moment.

As soon as we sent a message, a customer support representative greeted us and we started a discussion. The customer representative was polite enough and gave us every answer that we needed. Apparently, CFT knows how to provide high-quality service.


Are Payments Instant?

If you are interested in a specific plan and you want to choose it, you can do that in just a few clicks. When you go to the Plans page, you will see a Sign-Up button and the only thing you need to do is click on it. It will lead you to a different page where you will get instructions on how to pay. The process is simple, you need to add account information such as email, name, and country and go to the next step where you will need to add your credit card number if you decide to pay like this. Of course, this is not the only payment method and you can choose between Credit Cards, Interac, and Trustly.

As usual, you will have to wait sometime once you make a payment, but that period is not long and it depends on your bank. Some banks might transfer the money instantly, while others need a few hours. Anyhow you will be able to start learning as soon as the money is transferred which is always the same day.As you can see, is one of the best websites that offer FX education that we could find. Each client can find a suitable plan, transactions go smoothly and you have enough time to learn everything. There is one additional plus that we left for the very end — you can open those courses on any device and even if you are a busy person who doesn’t have time to sit in front of the computer, you can learn on your mobile phone while you are on the go.