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Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

Many people have decided to enter the online trading industry for the first time in the past 12 months. The Covid 19 outbreak has caused many people to seek alternative sources of income. This was a perfect solution since it can be achieved from the comfort of home. What many newcomers fail to realize is the complexity of the entire system and the importance of choosing a good brokerage. The latter is especially important since it can pretty much shape the rest of your trading career. Today we are examining one of the most popular brokerages of late – Chelsea Investments. Their meteoric rise to fame is nothing but impressive, and we wanted to find out for ourselves just how good their offering is, especially for people that haven’t got that much experience in online trading.

Chelsea Investments website certainly looks inviting. The first impression you get is one of professionalism and class. There is little pompous bragging about their achievements, but rather a subtle overview of their features. WE have to admit, we quickly fell in love with this “judge us by our work and not by our words” philosophy. It was noticeable throughout our trading experience. In our Chelsea Investment review, we will closely analyze everything this brokerage has to offer so that you can know whether it is a good choice for you and your trading needs.

Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Chelsea Investments

Chelsea Investments offers more than 200 tradable assets to choose from. You can build your portfolio using Forex, Stock, Crypto, Commodities and Indices assets. All of them can be viewed from within the platform. Speaking of which, traders get to experience something brand new. This platform was developed from the ground up and is unlike anything you have experienced thus far. We imagine it is mostly responsible for all the hype and praise Chelsea Investments have been getting lately. Its performance is second to none in this industry. It is good to finally see a brokerage nail down the most essential part of trading.

It is important to note that it is entirely web-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere and with any device that can connect to the internet. This amount of flexibility is not often seen in this industry. Furthermore, thanks to its lightweight nature, it can execute all traders instantly. You will not encounter a single bug or a delay. Coming off a platform such as Meta Trader, this one is a game-changer. Chelsea Investments clearly took the time and resources to create a solution around traders needs, and it shows. Thanks to it we were able to have one of the best trading experiences in our career.

This platform is visually very pleasing, and its design is very intuitive. Even the inexperienced traders shouldn’t have any issues navigating it. You can even perform many kinds of analyses on the real-time performance monitor. The number of available tools is decent, but it does not include some advanced ones. We imagine this was a conscious move to preserve the performance and stability of the platform. Besides, if you are not the most hardcore analyst, you will hardly even notice that something is missing.

Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

Chelsea Investments Trading Accounts Offered

Another key piece of the puzzle is the account offers. To be appealing to traders of all types, brokerages must provide a diverse offering of account types with varying degrees of complexity. Chelsea Investments did an excellent job here. While they do not offer a Demo account, the entry price is set at just €250. For this amount, you can open a Basic account that will give you full access to the platform, as well as educational material designed to keep you up to date with all the latest news from the industry. Even the starting leverage is pretty decent at up to 100.

Silver and Gold accounts are designed more for experienced traders. This is evident from their asking prices (€10,000 and €25,000 respectively), but also in the associated benefits. The list of perks is pretty long, and we will try to include only the most important. These include market reviews, dedicated senior account managers, bonus funds, massively improved spreads and leverages, trading signals, trade room analysis, financial and risk management planning, webinars, private analyst sessions and much more. All these tools, if used properly, can seriously upgrade your trading skills. With enough practice, you can quickly evolve from a novice trader to someone who trades with confidence every day.

Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

Chelsea Investments Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Here is where we encountered our biggest disappointment. There are no crypto-related payment methods. If you prefer using your eWallet, you are out of luck. Chelsea investments support only bank-related means of payment. While cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot lately, they are still far from global adoption. By distancing themselves from crypto coins, this brokerage may have tried to seem more safe and secure by offering only the traditional solutions.

In either case, you can fund your account with your credit card, debit card or wire transfers. Waiting times are on par with the rest of the industry. Deposits are pretty much instant, while withdrawal times can vary. However, this is mostly due to your bank and its policies. During our time trading, we were easily able to take money to and from our accounts whenever we wished with no issues.

Education Resources at Chelsea Investments

We previously mentioned how a big part of Chelsea Investments allure is the diverse offering that consists of a lot of educational resources. This is excellent news for those who already possess some basic knowledge and can use the available content to further upgrade their strategies. But, what about those who don’t know the difference between a spread and leverage? Well, Chelsea Investments has thought about those traders as well.

There is an Education Hub on their homepage that is designed to help out beginners. The content is spread out into several categories. The Glossary is great at introducing you to the basic terminology and key trading concepts that you will be dealing with a lot as a full-time trader. eBooks contains excellent materials that cover a wide range of topics including strategies and psychology. Once you master this you are ready for what your account type has to offer.

Chelsea Investments Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Chelsea Investments

We personally never encountered any issue during our time trading. However, we still wanted to test their customer support. You can communicate with them in several different ways including email, call centres and Live Chat feature. They are equally capable, so it comes down to your own preference. There is no 24/7 support, so you need to keep an eye out on support operating hours. You can check those out on their “contact us” page.

Is Chelsea Investments a Good Trader?

Trading with Chelsea Investments has been delightful. The trading conditions they offer are almost unrivalled in this industry. We cannot give enough praise to their platform, and it completely transformed our trading experience. They clearly care a lot about their traders and wish to establish long-lasting relationships. Trust is key in this industry, and Chelsea Investments has been able to achieve that. If you are considering online trading, this brokerage would be an excellent first choice.