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College For Trading Review


The importance of good education is not something that should be discussed. All of us need proper education in every segment of our lives, especially in the Forex market. If you decide to start with trading, our main advice is to find a website that will provide you with good education and help you improve your skills day by day.

What Can You Expect from College For Trading?

College For Trading is a website that offers education about the Forex market. Since there are so many positive comments about this website, we made sure to inspect every detail about it and let us tell you straight away, you can expect a lot from it.

We will start with the plans that are offered, so you can see what your choices are. First of all, there is a free plan, and we cannot find a single reason why anyone would skip this option. Simply open an account, choose this free option and try one introduction course, one eBook and one market research. There is not a better way to see if College For Trading is suitable for you or not.

If you see that this kind of education is your cup of tea, you can switch to Bronze, Gold or VIP plans. Each one of them has a different number of courses, and it’s up to you to choose the most suitable one for you. If you ask us, we will always go with the VIP one since you will have five introduction courses, nine in-depth courses, eleven eBooks and six market research for the price of $500. So, most certainly this plan has the best value for the money.


College For Trading Courses Offered

At College For Trading, you will have multiple courses at your disposal. There are a few categories and you will have access to introduction courses, in-depth courses, eBooks and market research.

When it comes to introduction courses, you will learn things such as Trading Terms, Social Trading, ECN, etc. This is very useful, especially for Forex beginners, so don’t skip those introduction courses once you choose a plan, they will help you a lot.

An in-depth course contains everything that covers cryptocurrencies, trading strategies, capital management, etc. Here, you will have detailed instructions and after completing them, you will be able to make much better decisions while trading. That’s the whole point of these courses, after all, to prepare you better for your Forex journey.


College For Trading Transaction Speed

As expected, transactions go very smoothly here, and you won’t have any issues. It’s up to you to choose the plan that you want, open an account and pay the amount of that plan. As soon as they receive your payment you will be able to enrol in those courses and that happens instantly, so there is no waiting here and you can start your learning sessions the same day.

Customer Support at College For Trading

This time, we will say that we do not expect constant support at all. This is not a type of website that needs to have 24-hour support, but of course, we do expect to see multiple contact methods and knowledgeable customer representatives.

If you need any assistance or additional questions, you can contact customer support using email, online form or phone number. No matter the method, someone will reply to you shortly. To test the responsiveness, we sent an email. This was much more convenient to use than calling, so we typed all those questions that we had and sent an email early in the morning.

That same day, we got a reply and it contained answers to every single question that we asked. An agent who replied to us was very polite and he knew how to give us proper instructions. Everything that we needed to know was in that email and for that, we will give a big plus to College For Trading. People who stand behind this website really do know how to provide proper service.


Is College For Trading a Good Choice?

College For Trading is an excellent choice for everyone who is eager to learn new things and improve existing knowledge. As you were able to see, this website provides education for every level of experience, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional trader, you will find numerous courses that will help you on your trading journey. So, the only thing we can say at the end of this College For Trading review is that you should open an account here and choose a suitable plan for yourself.