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GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

Determining whether the brokerage is trustworthy is a lengthy process. You probably heard of the expression: don’t judge a book by its cover. This is especially true in the online trading industry. While some brokerages have a very respectable appearance and seem professional at first, they might be masking some key shortcomings. This is why we take extra time for our reviews. Only after trading for several weeks are we ready to sum up all our findings. This was true in the case of GeniusIG as well. This new brokerage has been making waves lately. We wanted to discover everything it has to offer, and this is what we found out.

GeniusIG is one of the more stylish brokerages we have ever reviewed. While in itself, this isn’t a red flag, we paid extra attention to everything else. By starching under the surface we were able to determine that this brokerage is much more than what it may seem at first. They provide innovation in the least expected place and wrap it up in a nice little package. Not everything was perfect, so be sure to read the full review to find out if this brokerage has everything you need.

GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With GeniusIG

We mentioned that GeniusIG offers innovation, and it comes in the form of its trading platform. While many new brokerages use established industry solutions, GeniusIG took the time to carefully develop its own vision of a perfect trading platform. When researching them, we found out that they were founded by industry veterans who wanted to implement all their innovative ideas. After spending some time with this platform, we started believing that this wasn’t just marketing talk.

Their platform is entirely web-based which gives you a lot of flexibility in your trading decisions. You are not bound by a single location but can access your portfolio from any device connected to the internet. Its lightweight nature also means improved performance. All our trades were executed without delay, and the entire trading experience was incredibly stable. Being able to develop everything from the ground level, GeniusIG had full control of how everything works, and because of it, their platform is one of the best In the market today.

There are more than 200 assets to choose from and they are all divided into several categories for easier access. These include Forex, Stocks, Crypto and more. Making additions to your portfolio is very easy thanks to key information that is attached to each asset. At a glance, you can see the buy and sell price as well as an overall change in performance since the last session. With an additional click, you can learn even more, and this is especially important when you wish to make quick additions. You can interact with each asset with the help of many tools. With these, you can perform your own analyses and make better trading decisions.

GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

GeniusIG Trading Accounts Offered

GeniusIG offers a good variety of trading accounts. In fact, we have never seen so many tiers before. Traders can choose between six distinct zones based on their own needs, ambitions and budget. You can start trading for as little as 250$ with the Amateur tier and spend as much as 100,000$ for the Platinum experience. All these accounts require different deposits and in return, offer an increasing number of perks. You can easily choose what you want based on your needs. There is a good table to explain all of this on their “account types” page.

Not all perks have the same value to traders. Some might appreciate educational content more, while others might prefer a more laid back trading experience. There is enough for all with perks including webinars and seminars, financial market introduction, daily market reviews, personal managers, qualified signals, no maintenance fee, risk management team, artificial management analysis, live trading sessions, no withdrawal fee, loyalty program, credit eligibility, quarterly crypto exclusive report, private educational sessions with a 3rd party, quarterly exclusive business plans and much more. You need to figure out which one of these works best for you and then make your choice based on that.

GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

GeniusIG Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

GeniusIG relies on true and tested funding methods. You can add money to your account with credit or debit cards and even via wire transfers. These provide the most security as they rely on your banks. There are no crypto solutions. This might come as a shock to some traders who got used to their eWallets. However all of us have an opened bank account, so this should not be that big of a deal. When it comes to waiting times, all deposits are almost instant while with withdrawals there were some inconsistencies. After speaking to support, we were assured this was because of our bank provider. In the end, we had no problems getting our money, so we can say that GeniusIG Is pretty secure and safe.

Education Resources at GeniusIG

GeniusIG takes education pretty seriously. They have built an elaborate system that rewards both the novice and the experienced traders alike. This was a good decision because it means the brokerage is willing to invest time and resources into establishing long-lasting relationships. There is even some free content on their website. This is intended for the complete beginners to get them interested and familiarized with some basic trading concepts and terminology. There is an excellent section with eBooks that we absolutely recommend everyone to read. They cover a wide range of topics including trading psychology and trading strategies. They are well illustrated and easy to follow.

Once you master the basics, you can move onto the more serious educational content. We already mentioned some of it in our account type segment. All these require a piece of certain knowledge, but if you make full use of them, your trading skill will seriously be upgraded. Do note that there is plenty of material on hand and that consuming it and practising will take up a lot of your time. Those who commit will surely get to reap the reward in the end. Also, be sure to check what content you are eligible for based on your selected account type.

GeniusIG Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at GeniusIG

If you ever encounter an issue, or simply have a question, you can direct it to GeniusIG representatives in one of several ways. All of them are equally efficient, so it comes down to your own preference. You can contact the call centre located in Canada, write an email, or interact with the Live Chat feature. You will be greeted by a polite and professional response. No matter what we threw their way, their support was always able to handle our inquires with ease. The only this that is lacking is the absence of 24/7 support, so you always need to be mindful of support operating hours.

Is GeniusIG a Good Trader?

Trading with GeniusIG has been very enjoyable. You are given an excellent trading environment and support that is second to none. Traders of all levels and backgrounds can prosper here thanks to everything this your brokerage has to offer. If you wish to check out some of our other reviews, you can do so here.