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Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

Trading with confidence requires a lot of things. Being an educated trader with a lot of experience is a good start, but without a trusted brokerage, all those skills can go to waste. Only with the combination of the two, you can expect to have a successful trading career. Choosing your next brokerage can be a daunting task, especially given how many of them are there nowadays. Today we wanted to highlight one of them that managed to catch our attention. Green Tower Investments has been making waves in the online trading community for some time now, and we wanted to test their offering for ourselves.

The first thing you notice once you load their homepage is the professional tone and design. There are no lavish promises of getting rich quick, but rather the emphasis is placed on their key features. While the colour scheme leaves something to be desired, it is definitely eye-catching. Functionality takes centre stage here, and this philosophy was noticeable throughout our trading experience. Continue reading to learn more about our experiences when trading with Green Tower Investments.

Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Green Tower Investments

GTI made a somewhat controversial by choosing to forego some of the industry standards solutions, and fully develop their own web-based platform. While this might seem off-putting at first, we were amazed by the results. This is why we would love to encourage many traders to give it a chance and discover for themselves why Green Tower Investments has one of the best trading platforms in the industry.

First of all, there are more than 200 tradable assets to choose from. If this number seems too high, do not worry. Browsing is made incredibly easy because all assets are categorized. They are grouped into Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Commodities and Indices.  From here you can easily locate anything you desire. Your decision making is made even more easy thanks to the small preview screen that holds information such as buy and sell price. You can find out more data with a single click. You can perform even more analysis on the real-time performance monitor. Here you can interact with each asset using multiple available tools to help you better understand the market conditions.

All these tools given to you are excellent because they give you the freedom to make your own decision. Furthermore, the fact that this trading platform I entirely web-based gives you so much flexibility. In fact, you can trade from anywhere as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet. This type of improvement is one of many customer-centric moves Green Tower Investments has managed to implement.

Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

Green Tower Investments Trading Accounts Offered

Green Tower Investments offers a good variety of trading account in order to accommodate traders of all levels. While we miss the Demo account, looking at the industry as a whole, this trend seems to be dying altogether. Below you will find the breakdowns of all available levels:

  • Basic

This will be the starting point for many traders. For a low price of €250, you get full access to the platform with more than 200 tradable assets, starting leverage of up to 100, and a market review that informs you of the latest news and trends from the global markets.

  • Silver

This tier requires minimum deposits of €10,000 or more. In return, you receive a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, improved leverage and spreads, trade room analysis, monthly webinars and much more.

  • Gold

A deposit of €25,000 will give you access to the Gold tier. This is Green Tower Investments top-selling package, and when considering its value, it makes sense. You get trading signals, Financial and risk management planning, special venture promotions and a private analyst session.

  • Platinum

This is the best this brokerage can offer. In addition to everything previously mentioned, you get a prioritized withdrawal process, the best spreads and leverage and access to VIP events just to name a few. If you are a high volume trader, then the Platinum account represents one of the best value for money in the online trading industry.

Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

Green Tower Investments Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Funding your account at Green Tower Investments is effortless and the brokerage offers several payment methods. All of these are bank-related In order to maximize the security level. You can make both deposits and withdrawals with your credit and debit card and even via wire transfer. Waiting times can differ, which is standard in this industry. While deposits are processed instantly, withdrawal can take up some additional time, due to some banks having specific policies in place. We advise consulting your bank beforehand to save yourself the headaches down the line. I have an eWallet and prefer using it for your trading purposes, you are out of luck, as Green Tower Investments supports only bank-related payment methods. They probably wanted to distance themselves from any bad reputation crypto coins might get in the future.

Education Resources at Green Tower Investments

Educating your traders has become a trend in this industry. Green Tower Investments takes this seriously, as they offer something for pretty much anyone, regardless of your experience level. The beginners can start learning without even opening an account. There is plenty of content in the Education hub that can help you master the fundamentals. Once you master all of that, you can move onto the more complex material that is available once you register. Be sure to check what your chosen account type gets you education-wise. Be careful to make a choice that suits your needs and ambition. Consuming this content will take you several weeks, and even more practice, but once you get the hang of it, the sky is the limit.

Green Tower Investments Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Green Tower Investments

You can easily resolve any issue you might have with Green Tower Investments representatives. There are three main communication channels (four, if you count the FAQ), and they all seem equally efficient in handling customer feedback. You can either write an email, contact the call centre or interact with the Live Chat feature. No matter what we threw their way, GTI representatives always managed to reply in a polite, prompt and professional manner. You will need to keep in mind the support operating hours as they are not available 24/7. You can reach them Monday to Friday 07:00 – 14:00 GMT.

Is Green Tower Investments a Good Trader?

Green Tower Investments is one of the better brokerages we have reviewed lately. The attention to detail, combined with smooth performance and perfect exaction makes this brokerage one of the better ones in the industry in 2021. Right now, they are only targeting English speaking customers, but once they introduce multilingual support, they will become even more appealing to traders worldwide. Based on our experiences, we can give out our full-hearted recommendation for Green Tower Investments.