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Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Infinity Capital claims to be built by experienced traders who wished to translate their passion into something more accessible by the everyday trader. As we all know, the Forex industry is one of the most complex and daunting for newcomers. This is why we were a bit sceptical at first when we heard such big claims. In our Infinity Capital review, we aim to uncover how their set of features translates into something user-friendly.

First thing you are bound to notice is their design language. Infinity Capital’s website seems sleek and elegant. It is not bogged down by an excess of information and empty promises but rather focuses on platform highlights and numerous shortcuts that are very intuitive. What sets Infinity Capital from most other brokerages is their honest approach. At no point will you be lured in by unrealistic claims. You are given all the tools you need, and your skills are the only limit you’ll ever encounter. In the rest of our Infinity Capital review, we will break down all the important features you will need to be aware of.

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Infinity Capital?

There is an abundance of assets to choose from. Regardless of the amount you invest, or the account tier you choose, you are presented with more than 200 financial instruments with which you can create your portfolio. You can check out the entire list on the trading platform. Each asset is divided into several categories so that you can easily find what you are looking for. These include Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Commodities. At a glance, you can see each asset’s current buy and sell price as well as its performance since the last session. This makes browsing easier.

The wide selection you get at Infinity Capital gives you the freedom to monitor the global markets and respond quickly to steep demand. For example, Bitcoin has been in the news a lot and trading on it on Infinity Capital is easier than you think. If you were to check the Crypto section on the trading platform, you can see the numerous options you have. You can start trading on BTC/EUR or BTC/USD in a moment’s notice and make the best use of the market trends.

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Is the Infinity Capital Trading Platform Secure?

Speaking of the trading platform, we have to mention the exceptional experience we had. The overall speed and responsiveness are second to none. This is when we started believing the entire “build by experienced traders” talk. Instead of opting to use some of the industry-standard platforms such as MT4 or MT5, Infinity Capital has built up their custom made, the web-based solution from the ground up. This way, they had control over the platform’s performance and security.

All trade executions are instant, and there is practically no fear that you can lose out on some market events due to unresponsiveness of the platform. While Meta Trader does offer some advanced tools, they come at a huge price. The lag you experience is enough to putt off some traders completely. By trading on Infinity Capital, you still retain many of the necessary tools, while still having the smooth experience. This combination and it’s resulting outcome are well worth the compromise. Don’t get us wrong, experienced traders will still enjoy plenty of advanced features that can make their trading easier, but this time they won’t have to sacrifice performance.

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Infinity Capital Accounts Offered

Infinity Capital idea of offering accessibility to traders extends into their offering of account types. Not all traders are alike, as each of us has our own set of skill, needs and budget. In order to create a welcoming environment, Infinity Capital has created several tiers, each with its own perks. The most basic account starts at €250 and from there, you’re ambitions are the only limit. Below is a breakdown of all account types.

The basic account offers access to all 200 financial instruments. The leverage you get at this stage is up to 100. In addition, you receive a daily market review which helps you to always be up to date with market events.

When you feel you’ve outgrown the starting offering, you can upgrade to Silver account. It starts off at €10,000. At this point, you receive a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, improved spreads and leverage.

Next step is the Gold tier. In order to reach it, you will need to deposit €25,000. One of the most important perks you receive is the trading signals. You can upgrade your trading strategies by learning more about financial and risk management. If you wish to further improve your skill, you can partake in the weekly webinars.

Platinum tier is the top of the range of what Infinity Capital has to offer. The initial asking price may seem steep at €100,000, but when you realize what you are getting, it will be worth it. In addition to everything previously mentioned, you also receive premium spreads and leverage, special venture promotions, access to VIP events, private analyst sessions and a prioritized withdrawal process.

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Infinity Capital Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Sending funds from and to your wallet is an effortless experience at Infinity Capital. All the most popular methods are supported, and you can choose between credit cards, bank wire transfers or Bitcoin transfers. All deposits are made instantly, while your experience may vary depending on your preferred choice. When dealing with any bank, you may be facing some policies that will delay any transactions, so it’s best to consult your bank beforehand so that you know what you can expect. On the other hand, if you already have an eWallet, your best choice would be to opt for Bitcoin transfer, since those transactions are performed without any delay. This fact on its own makes it worth considering. Regardless of your choice, every transaction is safe, so there is no need to worry about your money.

Education Resources at Infinity Capital

Novice traders will be happy to hear that Infinity Capital offers a wide selection of educational material. Some of these can be accessed without even creating your account. Education centre holds several different categories. We would advise heading to the Glossary first. Here you can find a list of all relevant trading terminology that you will be facing every day with a clear and concise explanation. If you are not a complete beginner, you can explore the eBooks section, as it offers some beginner and intermediate strategies you need to master before you start investing. A great complementary tool is the Asset index, which gives you a timetable for each individual asset including their trading hours.

If you decide to further pursue your trading career, upon opening your account at Infinity Capital, you receive numerous additional material based on the account tier you select. The daily market reviews, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions will become an essential part of your path for creating a successful trading strategy. Be sure to check in advance which tools you will be eligible for, based on your account type.

Infinity Capital Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Infinity Capital

There is no shame in looking for assistance. In such an elaborate industry, you are bound to run into an issue you need help with. Luckily, Infinity Capital seems to have invested heavily into its customer support infrastructure. They have built several communication channels that all seem to work flawlessly.

Choosing which one boils down to your own preference. If you like to talk to someone, there are three call centres – Australia, the United Kingdom and Austria. You can make your choice based on your own location. All three teams are highly professional, and there seem to be enough employees so that you will never have to experience long waiting times.

If you prefer to chat, you have three options: via email in your own preferred email client, via the on-page form or by using the quick chat feature. The first two are good in instances when you don’t have time to address something in real-time. This way, you can expect a response within the next hour or so. By using quick chat, you can fix any issue instantly. You will not be facing chat bots, but real agents that managed to pleasantly surprise us.

Is Infinity Capital a Good Broker?

During our time trading with Infinity Capital, we have encountered no issues or red flags that would stop us from further, long-term relationship with this brokerage. Their user-friendly approach is noticeable throughout your trading journey. Regardless of your prior experience, you will find many things to be satisfied with. Novice traders will appreciate the rich education centre and the easy-to-grasp trading platform, while the industry veterans can look forward to the smooth trading without any delay or bugs. Based on our experiences, we can full-heartedly recommend Infinity Capital, as a trustworthy and a legitimate broker in 2021.