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Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Founded in 2015, Iron-Bits is a broker that managed to provide five full years of high-quality service to its clients. This means that it has something special, that makes people return and deposit here. Well, that’s why it got our attention. We wanted to see what’s so special about Iron-Bits that motivates clients to leave positive reviews on the Internet and recommend this broker.

So, let’s see if this is a place where we can find competitive offers, good education and attractive bonuses.

What can you trade with Iron-Bits?

If we are guessing according to the tradable assets, this is going to be one excellent broker. There are more than 200 assets from different classes. You can trade each one of them, no matter the account, which is excellent. Also, if you want to learn more about those assets, check the Asset Index page, there you will be able to see trading hours as well as an introduction to the company. So far, this Iron-Bits review is going into a great direction and we hope it will remain the same.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Is the Iron-Bits trading platform secure?

At Iron-Bits you cannot expect to see MetaTrader or any other ordinary solution. This broker provides a unique, web-based trading platform that’s a bit different than what we are used to. This can be a good thing because from time to time all of us need refreshment and Iron-Bits gives us one.

Innovative design is the first thing you will notice. This is not the most important thing, but it does add a nice touch to the whole story. When it comes to performance, everything is fast and optimised. The first part is dedicated to the account and you can change settings and positions or deposit from there. The other two parts are for the asset and once you choose the one you want, you will be able to fully customise the chart (the interval can go from one minute to one month, there are different chart types, the possibility to change or add indicators, etc.)

This part about customisation gained the most of our attention, but if we set it aside, the whole experience would still be excellent. So, if you are looking for a unique platform, check out this one.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Iron-Bits accounts offered

If a company wants to build a reputation amongst clients, it needs to implement different options in its business. Whether we are talking about assets, funding methods or account types. Diversity is the key. Iron-Bits knows that, apparently. There are four different accounts, and the best thing of all, they are not just randomly placed on the website. The offer is created with understanding and a clear goal, to provide opportunities to both, beginners and professional traders.

The first account is created for people who are just entering into the Forex world. It’s called Silver, and it offers the leverage up to 1:100 and market reviews. Of course, you have full access to each asset and the only requirement is to deposit at least €250.

If you already have certain trading skills, you can skip the Silver account and open a Gold one straightaway. It will give you better possibilities, but the minimum deposit requirement is €10,000. The Gold account membership will provide you with a senior account manager who will be there to guide from the first moment, leverage up to 1:200, tier 3 trader room analysis, financial planning as well as bonus funds and lucrative spreads.

The platinum account is the third in the offer. Needless to say, you will get so many interesting things but you have to make an initial deposit of €50,000 or more. Every detail that we mentioned in the Gold account applies to Platinum also, but as an addition, you will get risk management planning, special venture promotions, weekly webinars, trading signals and private analyst sessions.

The last account is VIP, and this is an invitation-only account. This means that you have to be registered to Iron-Bits and at some point, you will be able to make a request and join the VIP team. So far, this broker offered amazing trading conditions to its clients, so we were impatient to see what you can get as a VIP member. Well, a lot of things, that’s for sure. We can start with level one prioritized withdrawals, which means the money will be on your bank account almost instantly, complete access to all webinars and trade room analysis, VIP spreads, access to lucrative VIP events and the leverage that is up to 1:400.

This offer will definitely go to our top ten list. It has everything a trader could need and the best thing of all, accounts are tailored to fit every level of experience. So, it’s a straight ten from us.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Iron-Bits withdrawal and funding methods

As a funding method, you can use one of the three options. Credit Card, e-Wallet, and Wire Transfer. The whole process is simple, it takes just a few minutes and the money you deposited will be on your account instantly.

Once you decide to withdraw funds, you have to use the same method you used for the deposit. Waiting time depends on the account since each of them has a different prioritization level. The process usually takes up to seven business days, which is not a long time at all. Also, before each withdrawal, you need to go through Identity Verification. This is a mandatory step that will ensure the safety of your funds. Basically, you need to provide this broker with specific documents and after you do that, they will proceed with your request.

Yes, this can slow down the whole process a bit, but this is how we know that a broker does take care of security, so we do not mind waiting.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Education resources at Iron-Bits

There is one question that always comes on our mind while we are doing a review. Can you learn something new with this broker? We will tell you straight away, with Iron-Bits you can. This broker provides different educational material depending on the account you have. This is the most common thing in Forex and that’s what we expected to see.

But as an addition, Iron-Bits has a free educational section, that contains eBooks, Asset Index, FAQ, and Glossary. Keep in mind that not every broker is ready to give free education to every visitor, so we consider this as an additional plus. You don’t even need an account to open those eBooks, simply visit the website and that’s it, you can enjoy everything from basic Terms eBook to Global Trading and Advanced Strategies.

This segment is done perfectly, it has different books and articles and the best thing of all, clients can get personalised coaching depending on the account they choose.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Iron-Bits

Proper customer support is a mandatory step in every business, but it does require a lot of effort. We completely understand that it’s not an easy task to organise everything, and that’s why we do not expect to see 24 hours support. What we do require are different contact methods and responsive customer representatives. If that is fulfilled, we can tell the customer support is good.

Iron-Bits provided four different methods for contact, which is an excellent start. You can use a contact form on the website, email (support or compliance), phone line (for Australia and the United Kingdom), and Live Chat. The support is not constant and the operating hours are from 7:00 to 14:00 GMT and that’s more than fine. Of course, we wanted to test if someone will reply to us, so we used a contact form on the website. For us, this is the most convenient way, because we just had to add some details, choose the department and send our message. Since there were some things we wanted to check about the VIP account type, we chose the Customer Support Service department and the reply came the next morning.

We have to say that the answer was more than helpful and very well explained. We didn’t feel a need to ask anything additionally, which is the whole point of good customer support. So, if you have any issues while you are trading, you can count on them to help you anytime you need.

Iron-Bits Forex Broker Review

Is Iron-Bits a good broker?

It’s more than obvious that Iron-Bits exceeded our expectations. The provided service is excellent and everyone who becomes a member will be able to count good trading conditions and proper education. Most importantly, this broker proved that it takes good care of safety, so you won’t have to worry about the security of funds.

Basically, this is everything we can ask from a Forex broker, so if you are considering opening an account at Iron-Bits, don’t hesitate to do that.