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London Gates Forex Broker Review

London Gates Broker Review

In the crowd of so many broker companies we’ve encountered, London Gates is unlike all of them. This company keeps adding innovative solutions to its business operations to attract new users from across the globe. London Gates is keeping up with the latest on the market when it comes to both technology and asset selection, to make sure they are the leaders among the competition.

If you have been present on the market for some time, it may seem like you’ve seen it all. And it is true – all trading companies tend to look alike as time passes. They become blended in your mind because of the similar features they display, as well as not putting a lot of effort into improvement. London Gates is one of the rare names that noticed that – which is quite refreshing if you ask us. What is their secret? How is London Gates keeping up with the competition and making them run for their money? Keep reading this London Gates review to find out!

What Can You Trade with London Gates?

London Gates is a unique company for many reasons. One of the most important ones that we have encountered is the fact that they aim to cover the wide variety of trading assets by offering the greatest selection we have ever seen. See it for yourself:

London Gates Broker Review

Their trading home page is constantly adding new assets to the mix, so you won’t have to be afraid of missing out on anything new. From Google and Apple to Nike and IBM, these are the stocks that everyone on the market is raving about. Luckily, London Gates users are having the ability and the privilege to trade all these assets, and many other.

The next asset group we should point out are the currency pairs. The Forex market is one of the most liquid ones on the globe, with a daily turnover of over $5 trillion. That’s quite a lot! As a result, Forex traders are ranking as one of the top profitable ones in the entire trading industry, which really says a lot about their skills, too. On the London Gates platform, you can find all the powerful currency pairs such as USD/EUR and EUR/GBP. However, we should also point out that we were surprised to find a lot of lesser known names in currencies, too – better known as the exotic currency pairs.

Is the London Gates Platform Secure?

This is an equally important topic that we should cover when we talk about the London Gates trading platform. Safety and security of all market participants should be a number one priority to all trading companies, but unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case today. The proliferation of cyber terrorism is at its peak, which brings all clients in danger that could have otherwise been avoided. So, how does London Gates contribute to its clients’ safety and protection?

London Gates Broker Review

So, the first thing we see when we go to the trading platform of the London Gates company are the assets divided into groups so you can find your way much easier. Then, the account creation process is what really proves the London Gates’ dedication to this cause. Namely, when you go to create your account, you will notice that their team will require a whole lot of proofs of identification such as your ID, last water bill etc. These are just additional levels of safety and security that London Gates implements in order to stop identity theft or other malicious activities in the world of trading.

Also, the two-factor authentication is also applicable here, which means that you will have double security whenever you log into your account. This goes beyond simply verifying your account by clicking the link in your inbox – it actually includes so many moves behind the scenes which are designed specifically to keep you safe at all times.

London Gates Accounts Offered

The account selection is quite diverse here, which we applaud. The London Gates team has made sure to include and be welcoming to a variety of clients. That includes many things – different backgrounds, experiences, education levels, trading proficiencies, you name it. So, each one of these account types are designed to fit their goals and wishes, as well as make sure that you can easily switch between them as you acquire more knowledge. What are these account types?

The first account is called the Self Managed account. It allows you access to over 200 tradeable assets with a deposit of only $250. It also includes things and benefits such as the 1:100 leverage and daily market reviews which will help you stay updated with the latest events in the world of trading. The next account type is the Select account type. It includes all the benefits of Self-Managed, plus some additional options like your own account manager, better spreads, bonus funds and so on.

The Personal account type comes with a flexible leverage and better spreads, as well as weekly webinars which will help you keep in touch with the latest trading innovations. The Honors account type allows you to trade with a flexible leverage of 1:400 and 0.0 pips. It may sound too good to be true, but nothing is over the top for the London Gates users!

Lastly, the Wealth Management account type is designed for the high rollers and the experience traders who wish to make a long-lasting impact on their finances through trading. It includes personalized business and trading solution only for you and your trading dreams.

London Gates Withdrawal and Funding Methods

The process of funding your account at London Gates is not only safe but also fast and efficient, which is a must. When you are in the middle of a hectic trading day, it is important to make it easy and simple to make withdrawal and deposit requests, right?

London Gates Broker Review

So, the London Gates team has made sure to include all the fan-favorites among the deposit methods, as well as some innovative solution that you might not have heard of yet. The first one is the bank wire transfer, which is most commonly used for trading. Then, there are also various credit and debit cards, which take different times to process. This depends on your bank, so you should keep that in mind. Lastly, there are also several e-wallets which you can apply at all times, with instant processing abilities and no additional charges.

Education Resources at London Gates

The educational abilities that you have in your disposal will always take you further than you’ve ever imagined. This is applicable in all areas of life, but particularly in trading. Namely, the trading market is a sector of the industry which is always introducing new and innovative things for all their participants. All you have to do is learn how to use them, as well as combine them with the knowledge you already have. Trust us – education will take you places you never even knew are possible.

London Gates Broker Review

So, the educational section at London Gates is quite rich and exciting. It includes things such as eBooks, with different lessons and topics suitable to your level of trading proficiency. Then, there are also different lessons which you can find in the video tutorials, which are a fun and interactive way to get ahead and learn new things.

Customer Support at London Gates

The customer support team at London Gates is pretty easy to reach. There are different waiting times for each one of them, so make sure to keep that in mind as well. The fastest way to reach them is definitely the live chat, which takes around a few seconds. Then, the e-mail option will take a bit longer, which is standard – about 2 business days. The telephone number option works too, but you will have to wait a while for someone to get back to you. Also, there is the Frequently Asked Questions page, which is always useful if you don’t like to wait or want to take matters into your own hands when it comes to researching these issues.

London Gates Broker Review

Is London Gates a Good Broker?

All in all, there isn’t anything wrong we found about this broker company. They are fast and efficient, as well as innovative and head-on with all the latest happening on the market. So, it would be smart for new clients to get acquainted with it, not to mention start their trading journeys this way. This company is patient with newcomers, and determined to bring them to the next level of trading in no time. London Gates uses its years of experience and combines them with innovative things and solutions to bring you your trading success, and closer to your goals. This company is definitely here to stay, if you ask us.