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Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

Man Capital Group is not a widely recognisable name. At least not for the time being. This brokerage was founded recently, and yet it managed to capture the attention of a good portion of the treading community. We wanted to explore how this happened and devoted several weeks to trading with this brokerage. In our detailed Man Capital Group review, you will hear all the highs and lows we encountered. By the end, you should be able to determine whether this brokerage is right for your and your trading needs.

Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Man Capital Group

One of the key features of any brokerage is a diverse offering of assets. Man Capital Group does an excellent job at this front by offering more than 200 tradable assets. You can easily locate the one you need with the help of the search function. If you simply wish to browse, you can do so with each thanks to neat categorization. Traders can choose between Crypto, Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Indices. If you are paying close attention to assets from different categories, you can group them all in the watchlist tab. This feature saves you a lot of time in the long run, and we love it because of it.

Each asset is interactable. At a glance, you can see its buy and sell value and its performance since the last session. Upon further inspection, you can also view data like its daily highs and lows, minimum and maximum trade sizes, margins and much more. The real-time performance monitor allows traders to perform different types of analyses. There are many tools on disposal that make it easy to spot current and even predict future trends. This way you can make smart choices and create a winning trading strategy that will fill your portfolio with a good range of valuable assets. This is made even easier thanks to some educational resources, that we will address in more detail in the next section of our Man Capital Group review.

Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

Man Capital Group Trading Accounts Offered

Not all traders have the same budgets, ambitions and needs. This is why brokerages need to offer a wide variety of accounts that can fit the needs of traders of different levels. Man Capital Group offers more than most brokerages today and includes six distinct tiers in its offering. They all come with different asking prices and features, with a good overall balance. You can start your trading journey with just €250. You get full access to the platform, good leverage (up to 100), and a daily market review to keep you updated with all the market events and news. This is good enough for you to get a good feeling of the platform.

As you move up the ladder, there are four more account types with the asking price risking from €5000 to €50,000+. You need to judge for yourself which tier is best for you based on the price and what it offers in return. There are several types of perks you can receive, and they mostly revolve around education and quality of life improvements. The trading experience can be improved with the introduction of dedicated senior account managers, invitations to VIP events, special ventures and priority withdrawal.

Man Capital Group also provides a wide range of educational content that is intended for intermediate and advanced users. Out of all of them, we enjoyed trading signals the most. These are a massive help for any trader, and they can be the difference-maker at the end of the day. Finally, there are simply perks that improve your stats, such as leverage or spreads. The peak of what this brokerage has to offer is the VIP account type. It includes everything that was mentioned so far. For high volume traders, this should be a no brainer. Sadly, this tier remains invitational only, which means that you cannot attain it from the beginning. Once you have a proven track record, you might get the invitation, and then, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve.

Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

Man Capital Group Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

If you have an opened bank account, you are set to go. While we would have loved to see some crypto payment solutions, what is on offer is very satisfying. You can fund your account with your credit and debit cards. Alternatively, you can use a bank wire transfer. While all the deposits are almost instant, the waiting times for withdrawal can vary. This is mostly due to different bank policies, so we advise checking with yours to save yourself the headache later on.

Education Resources at Man Capital Group

As we previously mentioned, Man Capital Group offers plenty of educational content for its traders. This has proven to be beneficial for both sides, as it helps establish long-lasting relationships. You can read the full list of content on the account types page. However, we did mention this is intended for advanced users. To make the most out of these perks, you are assumed to have a decent knowledge of how the market operates. If you are a new trader, there is no reason to feel intimidated by this, because Man Capital Group also offers content that is specially created for beginners.

The website is also home to the education centre. Here you can find several different categories that include the FAQ page, Asset index, the Glossary and the eBooks section. The first three do an excellent job at introducing some basic trading terminology and platform and account navigation. Once you master that, you can read the available eBooks (on-site or download PDF). These cover a wide range of topics that vary from trading psychology to advanced strategies. Once you have consumed all this content, you should be able to fully understand everything later on and be able to trade with confidence.

Man Capital Group Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Man Capital Group

You can contact Man Capital Group representatives in two ways. You can either write an email or interact with the Live Chat feature. Regardless of your choice, you will be greeted by a professional who is more than capable of resolving any issues thrown it’s way. The thing we loved the most was the fact that the Live Chat was not operated by AI but a real human. This way, you can always quickly get a reply. The only bad thing is that there is no 24/7 support, so you always need to have the working hours in mind. You can check those out on the “contact us” page.

Is Man Capital Group a Good Trader?

Man Capital Group is a perfect example of how a new brokerage can match and even outperform some brokerages with a big pedigree. We were extremely satisfied with everything we encountered. Man Capital Group is a legitimate and trustworthy broker that appeals to traders of all needs, ambitions and budgets. It is best to experience these trading conditions yourself and realize first-hand why this brokerage is gaining such traction in the trading community.