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MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

Are you familiar with MarketsCG, a Forex broker with a unique platform and good trading conditions? If not, it’s time to learn a bit more about it and see if it’s a perfect fit for you.

What can you trade with MarketsCG?

With MarketsCG you can trade almost every asset class, from Cryptocurrencies to CFDs. It doesn’t matter what type of account you choose, all those assets will be available. You have the complete freedom to choose whatever fits your taste the most and there is even the Asset Index that shows you what are the trading hours, expiry rules and a bit more about the company.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

Is the MarketsCG trading platform secure?

MarketsCG provides a web-based trading platform that is simple and optimised. It has everything clients need and you can switch between Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices. Also, there is an option to change the preview (you can list trending assets, daily change, or simply by the name) and customise the asset chart.

The design is excellent, but most importantly, it works flawlessly. You can rest assured that errors won’t occur, which means your money and account is safe. Although it’s a web-based one you can use it on every device without any problem and that’s just an additional plus.

Keep in mind that before opening an account you can always check the trading platform on the website. It’s visible to everyone and that’s why we respect MarketsCG. People need to have a clear picture of everything before they make an investment.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

MarketsCG accounts offered

If you go to the About Us page, you will see that MarketsCG claims to offer optimal trading conditions. Well, with the first glance at trading accounts, we have to say conditions are optimal, indeed.

There are five accounts and each one of them offers different conditions. You can choose according to your needs and trading appetite, which is great. The first one is named Silver and it’s the smallest account they have in offer. The minimum deposit requirement is from €10,001 to €20,000, the leverage is 1:20 and the maximum monthly exposure is $20,000. Although this is the smallest account and usually they exclude bonuses, here you will have a welcome credit up to 20%.

The Gold account is next and you need to deposit form €20,001 to €100,000. Of course, it brings you much better benefits such as leverage up to 1:40, welcome credit of 40%, maximum monthly exposure is $50,000 and you get 1 on 1 educational course, daily market reviews and weekly managed sessions. For that amount of money, you will get a lot of things.

With a Platinum account, you need to make an initial deposit from €100,001 to €200,000. This time, you get up to 60% welcome credit, those things from the Gold account you will get quarterly dividends, 1:60 leverage and many other things that can help you make better trading decisions.

With the Diamond account, the leverage is 1:100 while the welcome credit is up to 80%. Of course, this means that the minimum deposit requirement is much higher so you need to deposit from €200,001 to €499,999.

If you decide to deposit more than €500,000, you will become a VIP member. This is the highest possible account and you will have every benefit MarketsCG offers. One of those benefits includes up to 120% welcome credit, 1:150 leverage and $2,000,000 maximum monthly exposure.

The selection is excellent and we are completely surprised by it. We did expect to see diversity when it comes to trading accounts, but we couldn’t imagine clients having such great conditions.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

MarketsCG withdrawal and funding methods

What MarketsCG promises are fast and efficient deposits and withdrawals. For each transaction, you can choose three different methods (Credit Cards, Wire Transfer or Bitcoin). Keep in mind that once you choose the deposit method, you have to proceed with it and use it for withdrawals, too.

While we are talking about deposits, there is one thing that might rejoice you. You can use multiple Credit Cards to make a deposit. Of course, equal amounts of money will be returned to each card upon withdrawal, while any additional profit will be transferred to your bank account via Bank Wire. This is an excellent thing and you cannot see it everywhere.

When it comes to withdrawals, each process needs to be followed by Identity Verification. This will take a day or two, but it will ensure that all frauds are prevented. This way, you will be certain that the money is safe and secured.

After the Identity Verification, you have to wait one business day for the approval. The whole process doesn’t take long at all, and it depends on the account type you have. For example, waiting time for the Silver account is seven business days, for the Gold one it’s five business days, for Platinum you need to wait three days, for Diamond it’s two while the VIP account offers the same-day withdrawals.

The deposit and withdrawal policy is completely satisfying if you ask us. The thing we liked the most is transparency and before you even register, you will know how long it takes to have money on the account. Nowadays, it’s quite a challenge to find a broker who is willing to provide every single information before you even begin with trading.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

Education resources at MarketsCG

In the Forex market, you cannot count on luck if you want to become a good trader. The only thing that will put you on top is a constant education. And what is the best way to learn and improve skills? Well, to find a broker who is ready to teach you different things.

Markets Capital Group is led by a team of professionals. This means that you have someone with much bigger experience who can pass the knowledge onto you. At least that’s what they promise to do, but let’s see how they plan to fulfill that promise.

The Education Center is created from four different categories. The first and most important one is an eBook. There, you will find so many different guides, strategy explanations and lessons for beginners. We opened each one of them and they are all written with the same quality and contain important information. We are more than satisfied with this part because MarketsCG did its very best to create high-quality educational content for everybody.

Aside from that, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page and find everything about accounts, support, platform, etc. This part is also good and we advise you to visit it before you reach out to customer representatives.

All of this is just the beginning of your education if you decide to open an account and start trading here. The things we just talked about are offered for every single person and you don’t even have to be a registered client. But once you open an account, more personalised material will await you. Of course, the level of education depends on the type of account, but within each one of them, you will receive something interesting and new.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at MarketsCG

Before we even begin with this part, there is something you should know. We are quite particular when it comes to customer service. If it’s not on the highest level, the broker won’t get positive comments from us. Customer support is a very important segment and if you cannot count on them to help you solve any problem that might occur, you should go and open an account at someplace else.

With MarketsCG there are several ways for contact. We were relieved to see that because everything is going into an excellent direction. The first method is currently closed and we understand that completely. Due to COVID-19 precautions, phone lines are temporarily disabled, but you still have three other options. Email, Live Chat and online form.

Email and online form work on the same principle, but there is one thing that makes the form a bit better. Once you type the message, there is an option to choose the department depending on the request (support, platform assistance, general feedback or compliance). This way, you will receive an answer much faster because it will go to the right people instantly.

The last method is Live Chat, and this is the option we wanted to test. It’s the best way to see the responsiveness and that’s why we like it so much. People from MarketsCG replied within minutes, explaining us every detail. They were polite and educated and that’s the most important thing of all. So, our overall experience was nothing but positive.

MarketsCG Forex Broker Review

Is MarketsCG a good broker?

If you are into trading with optimal conditions, tailored interface and premium customer support, MarketsCG can be the right place for you. This broker provides a perfect solution for each trader, and as you saw in this MarketsCG review, there are a lot of opportunities to improve your knowledge here.

So, to summarise everything, if you are looking for a fresh start and a new Forex broker, MarketsCG is an excellent place to open an account and start trading the desired asset.