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Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

Reviewing a broker takes a lot of time and resources. We do not judge by appearances, nor do we form our opinion based on internet opinions. We consider everything and especially value our own experiences trading with the broker. However, no one can deny the influence of user reviews. When doing our research for Nostra Capital, we were shocked at how polarizing the internet was about this fairly new brokerage. We encountered both praise and serious accusations of mischief. This intrigues us even more, so we went the extra mile to provide you with the most in-depth review of Nostra Capital.

Let us start with the most obvious. Brokers’ visual identity is something that will leave an impression on you, whether you like to admit it, or not. While we were not sure about the colour scheme, the functionality of their website is exceptional. It is filled with useful information and shortcuts that can take you anywhere you need in seconds. This is not to say that the site is bareboned. On the contrary, it has everything a trader might need. However, we wanted to discover even more so we decided to dive in deep beneath the surface. What we found surprised us, but in the end, left us with a good idea of what this brokerage is really like.

Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

What Can You Trade With Nostra Capital

To trade with Nostra Capital, you need to open an account. Once you do, you can fill out your portfolio with more than 200 tradable assets. You can easily preview these on the platform. Several categories make navigation seem seamless. You can choose between Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Commodities and Indices. There is even an option to put the assets you like in a watchlist for easier access. Next to each asset, there is key information such as buy and sell price and even the performance since the last session. By interacting with two shortcuts, you can either send it to your watchlist or open up a pop-up screen that reveals even more information such as leverage, minimum and maximum trade size, daily highs and lows and much more.

You can even interact with your desired assets. This is made possible with the real-time performance monitor. Here you can view past and present performance and perform different types of analysis with the help of available tools. You will only find the basic ones here and this is mostly due to the lightweight nature of the entire platform. It is web-based, which gives it flexibility but has to sacrifice some of the functionality. However, we were able to perform our strategies the way we normally do, so we cannot say that we felt there weren’t enough analysis tools. We imagine only the hardcore traders/analysts will notice any difference when compared to industry standards such as Meta Trader. While there is a difference, we feel it makes a move in the right direction, especially for inexperienced traders.

Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

Nostra Capital Trading Accounts Offered

There are four distinct account types on offer at Nostra Capital. These vary drastically in price and features, and this was made to accommodate the widest range of traders. If you are a complete beginner and lack confidence or the budget, or simply wish to test out the platform, you can choose the Basic account type. This is perfect because it offers full access to the platform and a decent starting leverage of up to 100. Additionally, you receive daily market reviews. These hold a huge value because you cannot make good trading decisions without being properly informed, and the review is designed to always keep you up to date with the latest news.

There are three more account types that better address the needs of more experienced and ambitious traders. The Silver tier requires a minimum deposit of €10,000 and, in return offers a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, improved spreads and leverage, trade room analysis, monthly webinars and much more. There is a good balance between educational perks and those that improve the quality of your trading experience. The Gold account takes things up even higher with additional perks that include trading signals financial and risk management planning private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process and more. The price is considerably higher (€25,000), but we feel It is well justified.

Ultimately, Nostra Capital offers the Platinum tier for the high volume traders out there. There is a hefty asking price of €100,000+. However, you receive the ultimate trading experience. You can read the full list of perks on their “account type” page. What your choice will be will ultimately be determined by your needs, ambitions and even budget. The good thing is that Nostra Capital can offer good value for money at any price point.

Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

Nostra Capital Financial Withdrawal and Funding Methods

It is easy to fund your account at Nostra Capital. The only requirement is that you have an opened bank account. With a credit or a debit card, you can make deposits and withdrawals. You can also use bank wire transfers if you prefer. The absence of any crypto-related payment methods means Nostra Capital places heavy emphasis on fund security which is always a good thing. While deposits are mostly instant, the withdrawal times can vary depending on your bank and its policies.

Education Resources at Nostra Capital

An educated trader is a happy trader. Because of this, many modern brokerages offer numerous educational perks for their clients, and Nostra Capital is no exception. There is plenty of resources on offer. Some of them are even available to unregistered traders. On the website, you can easily locate the Education hub that holds content mostly intended for beginners. If you are looking for something more advanced, you will be able to find that once you register. Be sure to check what perks you are eligible, based on the account type you select. If you take it seriously and dedicate enough time to it, this content can seriously step up your trading skills.

Nostra Capital Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at Nostra Capital

If you ever encounter an issue or simply have a question, you can address it in several different ways. Nostra Capital provides email support, a Call centre located in Australia, and a Live Chat Feature. All of these have proven to be equally efficient, so you can choose either one based on your personal preference. The one thing that bugged us was the absence of 24/7 support. You have to keep in mind that phone and chat operating hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 – 13:00 GMT. And we would have liked it if there was multilingual support. Otherwise, all our experiences with Nostra Capital support were very pleasant.

Is Nostra Capital a Good Trader?

Based on our experiences, Nostra Capital is a trustworthy brokerage that offers excellent trading experience. There is plenty of support for traders of all levels. There is no reason to worry about some negative reviews on the internet. We firmly believe that these conditions are one of the best in the online trading industry. Nostra Capital is a good choice for beginners and veterans alike, and it gets our full-hearted recommendation.