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SecuredVC Forex Broker Review

SecuredVC Forex Broker Review

Once in a while, it comes a time when you finally stumble on a broker company that is able to make your trading dreams come true. That company is usually quite diverse in its asset selection, as well as always up to date with the latest innovations in the trading world. This, however, is not so easy to achieve. Namely, the companies that wish to come on top in the world of trading have to be dedicated and put a lot of effort into their business operations. They also need to be on a constant lookout for new skills and knowledge. This way, they are able to transcend that knowledge onto their clients, making them successful and ready to take on the market landscape.

On our search for an ideal trading company like this, we’ve come across a lot of suspicious names. Eventually, as we were about to give up entirely, we encountered SecuredVC. This company is a relative newcomer, so it is not in the spotlight quite yet such as, for example, FXVC or similar reputable and long-lasting companies. However, what immediately brought our attention to it is the fact that the company is on a sure path of becoming a number one trading source in the following years. In this SecuredVC review, we will list all the reasons why we think you should definitely check this broker company out.

What Can You Trade with SecuredVC?

The very first thing we should emphasize is that this company is primarily focused on bringing in the new and beginner traders into their family. Honestly, this was a long time coming – especially considering that the trading market is quite advanced today. So, as a result, the majority of the companies kind of expect from you to come in with some background knowledge and begin trading right away.

However, SecuredVC is different, which is evident based on its platform. It is simple to use and adjustable to all devices, which is necessary. It is also available in dark mode, which is quite appealing. The platform loads instantly, which is key, especially in a hectic trading environment. When you visit this page, you will find that there are over 200 tradeable assets available for you. They are neatly divided into different groups including CFDs, stocks, Forex, and commodities. There are also some cryptocurrencies available as well, which is a risky move. Namely, cryptos are a thing of great mystery, so not a lot of companies have the courage to bring them into their asset mix. Clearly, SecuredVC is forward-thinking in this area, too.

SecuredVC Forex Broker Review

Is the SecuredVC Platform Secure?

This is the second most important question to ask yourself before you make the decision of choosing a trading platform. Namely, it isn’t worth a lot to you and your portfolio if a company has a lot of assets at its disposal, but not a lot of security. SecuredVC team has made sure of this, which is why they have included a lot of additional safety measures and firewalls behind the functioning platform.

Namely, all transactions are secured through the SSL encryption, which is the highest form of security known in this area. Also, you may have noticed that a company double-checks your information each time you log into your account. This phenomenon is called two-factor authentication, and it is focused on making sure your data are safe through each step of your trading journey. As you can see, SecuredVC has made sure to cover all its blindspots when it comes to your safety during online trading, which is quite admirable.

SecuredVC Accounts Offered

Unfortunately, SecuredVC does not offer a free demo account at this time. We were quite surprised to find out about this, considering how dedicated they are at bringing in the new clients, especially beginners. However, this is not so unusual, and the companies that choose to exclude this feature usually have some other feature to make up for it, such as a rich educational section.

But we are not there yet. For now, let’s focus on the account types selection at this company, which is quite astonishing at a first glance. You should note that there are 4 account packages in total, and each comes with different features and benefits depending on the amount of money you are willing to deposit into your account to get them.

The basic account type is anything but that – it provides you access to over 200 different tradeable assets that we mentioned above. It is called the Self-managed account, which pretty much explains it all. Also, it has a leverage of up to 100 and can be yours with a $250 deposit to your account funds.

Next, we have the Gold account, which is quite a big jump from the previous one with a deposit of $10.000. The spread is up to 200 with this account, and you also have access to a variety of trading tools, chart analysis, trading signals and other features that will help you become the best trader you can be!

The Platinum account comes with a deposit requirement of at least $50.000, but it is more than worth it. Namely, here you can take advantage of leverages up to 300, as well as the prioritized withdrawal process.

Lastly, the VIP account brings you endless possibilities when it comes to trading at SecuredVC. This account type is invitation only, which means that it is reserved for the most loyal and valuable customers at this trading company. Are you one of them?

SecuredVC Withdrawal and Funding Methods

The funding process at SecuredVC is simplified but made as secure as possible as well. There is a wide selection of payment methods you can use for your deposits and withdrawals, which makes things a lot easier for everyone. First, we should note that the deposits come with no fees or maximum deposit requirements, which is quite appealing and rare. Then, the withdrawal methods tend to take different amounts of time to be processed, which depends on a lot of factors.

SecuredVC Forex Broker Review

For example, the bank wire transfer is a traditional form of payment, which implies that it also takes the longest to process. At SecuredVC, it takes around 2 business days for your funds to come through, which is pretty great even for a bank wire transfer. Then, the credit and debit cards transactions depend on your bank’s policy, which is why you should check with them about this part first. Lastly, e-wallets selection is quite good. Typically, e-wallets are able to process your requests for deposits and withdrawals instantly. How great is that? Also, they are the safest option to date, especially for digital currency trading.

Education Resources at SecuredVC

When it comes to education, the selection is quite good at SecuredVC. There is the Asset Index page, which contains details about each asset that you can trade on the platform, as well its trading hours, margin and other important features. Then, there is a variety of e-books which you can read through and get acquainted with the latest market terms and innovations. Lastly, you can also find a variety of helpful tips on the Frequently Asked Questions page, which is regularly updated with new information.

Lastly, we should also mention the Glossary section, which helps you get acquainted with the lingo that is generally used during trading. It helps you communicate better with other market participants, which can never hurt, right? Glossary is regularly updated and quite simple to understand, especially if you are just a beginner trader.

Customer Support at SecuredVC

We were surprised to find that the customer support team at this company is both friendly and knowledgeable. You simply don’t get this combination a lot today. They are also available 24/7 on different communication channels, including live chat, e-mail and telephone number. We had the most enjoyable experience on the live-chat since we were connected with an agent instantly, and they were quite patient with our many questions.

The e-mail option takes a bit longer to respond, which is standard. We received our response within 2 business days, which is still quite fast considering how many queries they must receive on a daily basis. Also, there is a form you can fill out on their webpage, which is quite similar to the e-mail option.

Is SecuredVC a Good Broker?

From everything we have seen, we could definitely recommend trading with SecuredVC. As the name would suggest, the company is focused not only on your trading success but also safety, which is equally important when you think about it. Also, the tradeable assets selection is quite admirable and diverse, not to mention the CFDs section, which particularly drew our attention. Overall, the company is clearly on the path of becoming a broker everyone will be talking about in the future.