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StocksCM Forex Broker Review

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

A couple of years ago, a team of Forex veterans decided to establish a new Forex broker that will turn everyone’s trading dream into a reality. They planned to do so with a wide variety of trading assets, unique trading platforms and good education. The goal is to make each trader capable enough to make its own decisions, trade independently and understand all important trading strategies.

This philosophy caught our attention. There is nothing better than having someone who will pass the knowledge onto you, so let’s see if people from StocksCM managed to turn their vision into a reality.

What can you trade with StocksCM?

If your trading portfolio contains different asset classes, you will like the StocksCM offer. This broker has over 200 tradable assets and you can choose whether you want to trade Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Currencies or Crypto. This is an excellent selection and the first fulfilled requirement we had. Our team likes to have different options when it comes to trading. Stocks might be our favourite, but now and then we like to invest in cryptos and commodities too, so if a broker doesn’t provide that, it cannot pass our test.

That said, StocksCM passed the first task and now we can move on to the platform and see where we can trade all those assets.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

Is the StocksCM trading platform secure?

The first interesting thing is the fact this broker doesn’t provide MetaTrader. So, for all MT 4 fans, we have to disappoint you. On the other hand, the solution they have is so much better, if you ask us. It is unique and innovative and we had such a great time trying to inspect every little detail.

The trading platform is located on the main menu. It’s visible and has easy access. As soon as you open it, the first thing to notice is a big chart that covers almost half of the screen. This chart tells you everything you need to know about the specific asset you chose. It is fully customisable and if you do not like the design, simply change the type into the scatter, spline or ohlc. Also, there is an option to change interval, indicators, label, etc. Every detail can be adjusted according to your preferences. This is an excellent thing, but take it from us — once you start customising it, it’s hard to stop.

The left part of the screen is a place where you can manage your trading account. There are different buttons for deposit, withdrawal, customer support, account statement. When you open the trading platform page, there is no need to go back to the website, it saves a lot of time. Aside from that, you can see the asset classes in the middle. This part can also be adjusted and you can arrange trading assets according to the daily change, popularity, etc.

When it comes to visual appearance and platform design, we are mind-blown. Still, the design does not give us an answer if the platform is secure. Something else does that. We spent a lot of time on the platform, to make sure it works flawlessly. Well, it does. It is fully optimised, you can open it on every device and no matter how long you trade, and errors won’t appear. All of that makes this platform a secure place for trading.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

StocksCM accounts offered

Different trading accounts are an absolute must in Forex. As a client, you want to have options and choose according to your current experience and trading appetite. With StocksCM, you will have an opportunity to choose one from the four accounts. Each of these accounts has something different, but the main thing is the minimum deposit.

Silver is the first account and with it, you can deposit only €250. This makes it perfect for Forex beginners, who are still not ready to give higher amounts of money. As expected, you won’t receive too many benefits with the Silver account, but the basic ones will await you — over 200 tradable assets, market reviews, leverage up to 1:100, etc. For the beginners’ account, this is excellent.

The Gold account is next. If you want to bring your trading game to the next level, this account requires a minimum deposit of €10,000. Of course, it also provides much higher leverage (up to 1:200), bonus funds, dedicated senior account manager, gold spreads and many other trading conditions that will have a big impact on trading.

Platinum and VIP accounts are the last two on the list. VIP is the invitation-only, while you can become a Platinum member if you deposit more than €50,000. Needless to say, these accounts can help you with fulfilling your trading desires, because they offer incredible conditions. While looking at them, we really liked every single thing we saw. For example, you will get trading signals and private analyst sessions. Also, there is a prioritization when it comes to withdrawals so you will receive funds much faster than usual.

We could go on and on about the trading conditions, but let’s stop here and say we absolutely liked everything that’s offered. This broker created a perfect combination of accounts, and that’s not an easy task. So, our final thoughts about this part are more than positive.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

StocksCM withdrawal and funding methods

As a funding method, you can choose Credit Card, Bitcoins and Wire Transfer. Deposits will be on the account instantly, while withdrawals take some time, depending on the account type. The first thing we have to mention about withdrawals is that each request is followed by identity verification. This is an excellent thing and we are thrilled to see it’s implemented in the StocksCM business.

This verification process ensures the safety of your funds. This is the only certain way to know your money is completely secured, even though it slows down the withdrawal process for a bit. Another thing we like about funding methods is that you can use multiple credit cards. For some people, this is very important and it saves them a lot of time. In that case, equal amounts of money will be transferred back to each card upon withdrawal and any additional profit will be transferred to you via Bank Wire.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD/GBP/EUR and there is a 1% fee for each transaction. Once again, we are completely satisfied with this, because everything is fast, secured and without high commissions.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

Education resources at StocksCM

In the beginning, we mentioned this broker has a goal to teach its clients to be independent traders. The only way to do that is through good education and that’s why we have high expectations in this part of StocksCM review.

As we assumed, there is a separate Education Center on the main menu. Inside, you will find different categories based on the things you wish to learn. The first segment belongs to eBooks. Most of them are free, but of course, the level of educational material depends on the account you have. Those eBooks cover almost every topic, from basic technical analysis to advanced strategies. They are concise and well-written and even if you are still not completely familiar with the Forex market, you will be able to understand them.

Aside from that, this broker offers Glossary, Frequently Asked Questions (which can be very useful) and Asset Index. Once again, keep in mind that all those things are available to visitors even though they do not have an account. If you are a member, the education level is significantly higher.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at StocksCM

When we did a little research about StocksCM, so many people talked about responsive customer support. Honestly, we were a bit skeptical but eager to see if the customer representatives are indeed that polite.

Due to COVID-19 situations, phone lines are temporarily closed and we understand that completely. The only way to reach out to them, for now, is via Live Chat, email and online form. That’s more than enough for us because we just seek for fast answers and we do not care about the method.

The Live Chat works perfectly. You should add the name, email and the department for inquiries (whether it’s a complaint, withdrawal issue, trading platform, etc.). Someone will greet you within minutes and you can ask about the problem you have. The representatives are nice, really. The person we chatted with knew all the answers and gave us a quick solution, so our experience is completely positive.

StocksCM Forex Broker Review

Is StocksCM a good broker?

After everything we said, it’s more than clear that StocksCM is a good broker. If you open an account, you can count on security, good education and responsive support. All those things make this broker an excellent one and if you wish to make a deposit here, you have a green light from us.