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The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

The Investment Center is the name that everyone knows in the United Kingdom when it comes to trading Forex and CFDs. This is an established broker that has recently experienced some innovations that have only made it an even bigger center of spotlight in the world of online trading. It was created way back in 2001 and it is based in London. This is a company that has a lot of experience, that is certain. Similar companies are trying to do the same thing as The Investment Center in order to get through more clients, but they are not so successful. The Investment Center has experienced a lot of changes and improvements in recent years, especially when it comes to upgrading some operations to fit more modern standards and requirements that the market imposes.

Its website is definitely one of the first things we noticed about this company. It is just one of the many proofs of the company’s abilities to establish itself as a leader in the online world. Because there is nothing more off-putting than having a bad website for the clients to rely on, right? Luckily, The Investment Center does not have any trouble with it, since the home page is the best proof of the company’s qualities and abilities. It is not one of those pages that tend to shove information down your throat, so you get blindsided when bad things eventually come up. Rather, The Investment Center is an open book, which is evident by many things starting with the website. Also, there aren’t any delays or errors, which is crucial. The most evident thing about this company is transparency. You can see everything about it and its operations before your eyes. And if you think that there is something missing, you can always ask and see what they will give you. In this The Investment Center broker review, we will list all the things that are important for you to learn about this company.

What Can You Trade with The Investment Center?

Having a great selection of tradeable assets is essential for a quality broker company. This is important because it allows the company to cater to a wide variety of clients. It also makes it much easier to diversify the portfolio, since there is a whole selection of choices in tradeable assets. There are 5 major categories that you can find here, that amount to 200 tradeable assets in total.

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

The strong variety of assets includes stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and cryptos. There is a whole another world you enter when you decide to trade with either one of these assets. Stocks, for example, are a good counterpart for commodities, since they move in opposite directions. The Forex market, on the other hand, is the most liquid one on the planet, so you cannot make a mistake here. Indices are also a good idea since they consist of the strongest companies on the market. Lastly, we should also mention cryptocurrencies, since this market is thriving more than ever. These assets are the most beneficial things we have seen in a long time, and they are only getting started. So, what will you choose?

Is the Investment Center Platform Secure?

Aside from the great asset selection, another important thing about a trading platform is its security. This is the first thing that we all seek within a trading company, so there is no point in denying its importance. Since, what is the point of making great profits with trading if you can’t be certain that those funds will be secure for you? Safety and security of your funds and data have become more important in recent years, especially since this market is only growing. So, there are more clients that require protection, and unfortunately, more opportunities to misuse their information and money. However, The Investment Center is able to cover all the blind spots that other companies tend to disregard when it comes to this section.

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

Luckily for all the clients, there isn’t anything wrong with this section at The Investment Center. There are standard security measures you can find here such as the SSL encryption of all your information, as well as special firewalls and extra safety for payments. Also, the location of the company alone tells you a lot about safety. Since the Investment Center is based in London, UK, you are certain that they apply the safest measures possible. After all, the strict regulation imposes this. So, there is simply no room for dodgy behavior, which should make you feel at ease. We also researched the company’s Terms and Conditions to try and find the potential harmful language or sketchy conditions for trading. We weren’t able to find anything here, so you are good to go.

The Investment Center Accounts Offered

The Investment Center selection of account types is created as a unique combination of comfort and excitement to guide you to trading success. The most affordable version comes with a $250 deposit, but the quality definitely tops the amount. The conditions for all these account packages are quite fair and not at all difficult to achieve. Let’s check them all out:

  • Silver Account – the first account type you will find here, with over 200 tradeable assets available. It also gives you daily market reviews to help you get to know the market surroundings better. This account is suitable especially for beginners
  • Gold Account – this account is suitable for an intermediate level of trading. The initial deposit you have to make is $20.000, but it is definitely worth it. You get the 3-tier trade room analysis, as well as risk management planning services
  • Platinum Account – the initial requirement when it comes to the deposit amount here is $50.000. It gives you better spreads, bonuses, and promotions, as well as your own dedicated account manager to guide you through any difficulties that you may experience
  • VIP – if you wish to open this account, you can do so only if you receive an invitation from The Investment Center team.

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

The Investment Center Withdrawal and Funding Methods

The most important thing that we noticed about The Investment Center when it comes to funding is the transparency you get. There are no additional fees or commissions that you have to worry about. After you’ve made an initial deposit, things should be smooth sailing from there. After all, the majority of trading strategies require small amounts of money, which are much easier to ensure and process. The Investment Center is one of our best choices for commission-free trading. The payment options available here include the standard ones – bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets.

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

Education Resources at The Investment Center

Having a proper education opportunity is something that is equally beneficial for both first-timer traders as well as experienced ones. When it comes to the first group, the reason is evident – they need extra help to learn their way around. So, for that purpose, the company has provided the Asset Index and the Glossary, which cover different sides of the trading market. Also, if you wish to revise your trading knowledge, you can find a variety of eBooks on the website as well. They are easy to read through and you can also download them on any device and take them with you! They include lessons for different types of traders and levels of knowledge, so there is no fear of missing out on anything important.

Customer Support at The Investment Center

The customer support team at the company is pretty solid and reliable. You can reach them 24/6, which is usually a day longer than most companies tend to offer. You can use telephone numbers or emails for that purpose, or just fill out a brief form on the website and be good to go! We should note that the telephone number option is valid only for the clients who are calling from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Whichever tool you choose, you will engage with customer support agents who are very friendly, and also quick on their feet when it comes to providing assistance!

The Investment Center Forex Broker Review

Is the Investment Center a Good Broker?

In this article, we’ve covered more than enough when it comes to this broker company. We did our research thoroughly as we would for our friends and family – and we hope it shows. What we can conclude from it is that you can safely and securely trade with this company without worrying about what will happen on the market. Because though trading is unpredictable, The Investment Center is here to take away all your doubts and insecurities. From the great asset variety to the smooth transactions and secure executions, The Investment Center has become a trendsetter for other trading companies in this field in recent years. What do you think?