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TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

At first glance, TopMarketCap seems like a modern brokerage. Their homepage seems slick and easy to navigate. It doesn’t hold incredible claims of riches but preserves a modest approach that puts its features ahead of everything else. This was a breath of fresh air, and we are happy to report that when you get to the actual trading, it only gets better from there.

In our TopMarketCap review, we take a deep dive into everything this broker has to offer. We try to focus on both the positive and negative aspects that each trader need to be aware of. With that said, let’s address the big elephant in the room straight away. This is an unregulated broker. However, as most of you are probably already aware, this shouldn’t stop you from trading with TopMarketCap. We already addressed this issue countless times before. It all boils down to whether your funds are kept safe. During our trading we encountered no shady business, nor did we ever suspect the broker of withholding our money. This is the reason we are comfortable trading with them.

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

What can you trade with TopMarketCap?

We were impressed by the sheer number of available financial instruments. Clients can build their portfolios with more than 200 assets that are conveniently categorized. Here you can find pretty much anything from Forex, Commodities, Crypto to Indices.

Managing your portfolio is even easier when you consider the preview function. At a glance, you can see each asset’s performance since the last session with its real-time sell and buy prices. This gives traders the power to act quickly without wasting time by navigating through the menus. The entire layout is very logical, you can locate everything you might need without any hassle.

Is the TopMarketCap trading platform secure?

We probably enjoyed writing about this part of TopMarketCap review the most. It is a joy to navigate its trading platform. Instead of opting for more complex solutions such as MetaTrader, TopMarketCap opted to build their own web-based solution. It is exactly here where you can realize the expertise of the people who build it. It is clear that this was built with traders needs in mind.

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

It is very beginner-friendly thanks to the user interface having plenty of shortcuts that take you anywhere you need to go within seconds. This way, you can never break the immersion, thus letting you focus more on the trading itself. Additional benefit of this simplistic design is the focus on performance. Unlike many other platforms we tested, all executions are instant, which is very important for this type of industry.

You will spend most of the time spectating the huge real-time performance monitor. Here you can see historical data of each individual asset and interact with it in numerous ways. Analytical tools you are given are not overly complex, but they manage to provide you with enough insight to improve your trading strategy on the go.

TopMarketCap accounts offered

As we previously mentioned, one of TopMarketCap’s biggest advantages is its flexibility. In order to accommodate a wide variety of traders, there are several account types. These are designed in a way to suit all budgets, ambitions and needs. Great thins is that even the lowest tier is cheap enough that almost anyone can experience the available features. Here is a breakdown of each individual tier along with its highlight features:

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

  • Silver

This will be the starting point for many traders. It takes €250 to open the Silver account. Every part of the trading platform is made available to you with over 200 tradable assets. Your starting leverage is up to 100. In addition, you will receive market reviews to keep you up to date with current market events. If you have little trading experience, or simply wish to experience the platform firsthand, the Silver account would be an excellent choice.

  • Gold

If your appetite exceeds the basic offering, you can always jump into the Gold tier. Here you receive your own senior account manager, bonus funds, increased leverage, special venture promotions and much more. The entry price for this account type is €10,000.

  • Platinum

Experienced traders will probably wish to select the Platinum account from the very beginning. It requires €50,000 to set up, but we feel the perks easily make up for the steep asking price. In addition to everything lower tiers hold, you also get lucrative spreads, trading signals, financial and risk management planning, weekly webinars and much more.

  • VIP

At the moment of writing, there is no way to directly access the VIP account tier. It can only be achieved through a special invitation. Once you are in, you are given the reins to everything TopMarketCap has to offer. We cannot confirm at what trading volume you are given this opportunity, but the lift of benefits seems endless and well worth it.

TopMarketCap withdrawal and funding methods

At the beginning of our TopMarketCap review, we mentioned the fact that this broker is unregulated. While this in itself will be a reason to worry for some, we have had no unpleasant experiences. All our transactions were executed promptly and without any issues.

There are numerous ways you can fund your account. Depending on your preference, you can choose Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfers or the Bitcoin Transfer. The latter will require you won an eWallet. You can deposit funds to your account 24/7 and all transactions are instant. However, your experience with withdrawal will vary slightly depending on your choice. This is attributed to banks and their policies, so be sure to check with your bank provider all the applicable terms. Even with this in mind, we were always able to get our money within the same day, so we had no reasons to be concerned.

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

Education resources at TopMarketCap

You can’t put a price on a good education, the famous saying goes. This is especially true in the trading industry. In a very dynamic environment, things change very rapidly, and it is necessary for any successful traders to possess a good fundamental knowledge that he can apply to any given situation. TopMarketCap tries to provide its clients with a big suite of educational resources in order to better prepare them for the volatile markets. This does wonders in creating a long-term partnership that is beneficial for both sides.

The good thing about this broker is that you don’t even need to register in order to start your education process. You can access a wide range of eBooks that will introduce you to the world of trading with its tools, jargons and trends. These will not only pique your interest but provide you with sufficient knowledge to open up your account and start your first trade.

Once you have selected your account type, you can continue using the available set of learning tools. Daily market reviews do a good job at always giving you an idea of what is happening in the markets. Webinars are designed to further increase your understanding of the trading rules. Private analyst sessions can give you invaluable insight into past, current and future trends. Making use of all these will go a long way into making anyone a good trader.

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

Customer Support at TopMarketCap

Let’s be honest. No matter how experienced you are, at some point, you will require assistance. This is when you realize the importance of a good support system. In the past, we have noticed a lot of brokerages fail to deliver competent customer support to their own detriment. Luckily, TopMarketCap doesn’t share in the same pitfall.

There are several ways to reach out to their representative. You can either give them a call, write an email, or make use of the quick chat feature. There are three teams (Australia, UK and Austria), so you can select one based on your location. We were always greeted with a pleasant voice that managed to handle our issues within minutes. If you are the chatty type, you can go for the live chat feature or the on-page form. Both seem equally efficient.

The only thing to keep in mind is the operating hours for all support teams. You can check them out on their Contact Us page. If you are in need of help outside of company hours, you can head directly to the F.A.Q. page and try to resolve the issue yourself. All answers are easily digestible, so if you are facing a minor setback, the F.A.Q. page might be all you really need.

TopMarketCap Forex Broker Review

Is TopMarketCap a good broker?

Choosing your next broker can be a daunting task, with so many to choose from and not being sure you will have any issues down the line. With TopMarketCap you can’t go wrong. They have enough features to attract both the inexperienced traders as well as the industry veterans. We would like to conclude our TopMarketCap review by saying how we were pleased with the trading conditions, as well as the overall performance of the platform, and that is what all traders really need.