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Walton Chase Forex Broker Review

Walton Chase Forex Broker Review

Walton Chase is one of those companies that were initially created by people who were once traders as well. They have persisted on the market for quite some time and as a result, established a great career in this alluring industry. Now, they are coming together to bring in a new generation of young, thirsty for knowledge and excited traders who wish to contribute to the trading environment, as well as make some cash for themselves along the way. The great and appealing combination that Walton Chase seems to have created is simple – putting the clients first, as well as their needs and individuals thriving on the trading market.

Walton Chase is unique and different because they are aiming to constantly improve their operations and services, based on the clients’ requests that are becoming more detailed as time passes. At Walton Chase, the client always comes first, which is a true refreshment in the area of trading, where everyone seems to be looking out for themselves these days. In this Walton Chase review, we will list all the ways that this company stood out for us, and why you should not dismiss them lightly.

What Can You Trade with Walton Chase?

Walton Chase has included over 200 tradeable assets on their platform. The very first thing that attracted our attention is the wide selection of cryptocurrencies. The strange thing about this is the fact that not a lot of trading companies today are daring to trade with these types of assets. They are highly unreliable and risky, but Walton Chase seems to be having a good idea about how to take advantage of this. Though digital currencies are quite risky, they are also highly profitable. Their regulation is also a bit different, so companies tend to disregard these assets because they don’t want to struggle and learn new things. This is really a major loss for them since cryptos are attracting so many new clients each day.

Walton Chase Forex Broker Review

Aside from these assets, you can also find a lot of CFDs, stocks, and currency pairs. As you can see from the picture above, Walton Chase is one of the first companies that were starting to offer trading stocks of the biggest names in the COVID-19 battle – including Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. These two names are currently at the top spot for creating a very first coronavirus vaccine for global use. How cool is that? Walton Chase is definitely one of the first names to acknowledge this astonishing accomplishment.

Is the Walton Chase Platform Secure?

This is another important thing that we need to cover before moving on to other sections of the Walton Chase website. Namely, security and safety of everyone on the Internet should be a number one priority for the companies who are contributing to this environment. Unfortunately, not all of them are aware of this – which is why it is so important to highlight Walton Chase’s efforts in doing so.

Walton Chase Forex Broker Review

You should note that when you trade at this company, the trading platform is designed specifically to ensure that each client is safe while trading at all times. The SSL encryption is designed in a way to ensure all safety protocols are honoured, as well as to prohibit any misuse that would contribute to the spread of cybercrime. This is a highly important cause for Walton Chase, which is really admirable if you ask us.

Walton Chase Accounts Offered

The account types selection at Walton Chase is designed to suit different trading styles, tendencies as well as budgets. You don’t have to pay up big bucks in order to have access to trading benefits, as you will soon find out with this company. Their creators made sure to include something special into every single account package. So, whichever one you choose, you can do no wrong.

The very first account type that you should pay attention to is called the Silver account, which requires a $250 minimum deposit. With it, you can access the entire trading platform in all its glory, and trade the latest assets with the leverage of 1:100. Also, this account brings you market reviews to your inbox each day. With them, you can keep updated with the latest events on the market, as well as build a suitable trading strategy that will bring you success.

Next, we have the Gold account, which comes with a $10.000 minimum deposit requirement. With it, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Silver account with the addition of special bonuses and promotions, as well as the risk management and planning tools, which can make your life a lot easier on the market.

The Platinum account gives you a chance to trade with 1:300 leverage, not to mention the access to weekly webinars, economic calendars, expert analysis and other trading tools and signals that can help you excel your trading success. Lastly, the VIP account, which is invitation-only, sends you farthest than you ever imagined. Possibilities are practically endless with this account type.

Walton Chase Withdrawal and Funding Methods

Walton Chase has included several banking methods for your depositing and withdrawal needs. The first one we would like to list is the e-wallet. There are several big names on this list, but the most important thing that you need to know about them is that they are able to process your transaction requests instantly. Then, the bank wire option is a bit longer wait – about 3 business days in total. The credit cards, as well as the debit ones, depend on your bank’s policy but usually take about 2 business days in total.

Walton Chase Forex Broker Review

If you wish to request a refund, you are able to do so through the customer support agents. They will be able to process this request safely and efficiently, not to mention that they do not require you to jump through hoops like the majority of other companies tend to. The only requirement here is to make the refund available to return to you through the same banking option that you’ve used to make a deposit in the first place. This is just to ensure safety and efficiency.

Education Resources at Walton Chase

Having a satisfying educational section is imperative for a successful trading company, don’t you think? It should reflect the company’s efforts to include both beginners and trading pros into the mix. This is especially important for the first group, who is just entering the exciting world of trading. Since the market is fast-paced and exciting, it can be challenging to keep up with the innovations that come along. This is why educational materials are so important. What does Walton Chase provide in this area?

The first thing that we should emphasize is the wide selection of eBooks. They are fun and easy to read as well as educational, not to mention that they follow the latest events on the market to help you keep updated. Then, there is the whole section about the trading requirements attached to each asset, named the Asset Index. Lastly, you can also find the Glossary which is regularly updated with useful terms used in trading every day.

Customer Support at Walton Chase

A company that deals with clients each day would be nothing without its handy and helpful customer support team, right? Walton Chase takes this into consideration, which is why they have made sure to include as many ways as possible for you to contact them. The most popular one is definitely the live chat option, which connects you with an agent within seconds. Then, you can also write them an e-mail or call them on the phone during their working hours. Whichever option you choose, you will be satisfied with your experience, that is for sure.

Is Walton Chase a Good Broker?

To conclude this review, Walton Chase seems like a fine choice for us. We have carefully reviewed each section of this company, and we are more than satisfied with what we’ve seen. This company and its creators seem to have thought of everything. From a great and extensive selection of tradeable assets to a detailed educational section, you can find everything you need here.

The thing that we were particularly happy to learn about is how much this company is dedicated to the safety of all their clients. This effort is evident through each part of the verification of your account, as well as the additional proofs of identity that you need to provide when you wish to make a transaction. These are all small but significant details that contribute to a bigger picture. And that is – success as a number one priority at Walton Chase. Because when you thrive as a trader, they thrive and grow with you. This seems to be a winning combination for this company, doesn’t it?