Up Your Trading Game with Online Forex Education


The foreign exchange market, commonly known as Forex, is the biggest trading platform that works 24 hours, 5 days a week. It’s a liquid platform that works solely online, and it’s decentralized, meaning there is no fixed marketplace.

What happens in the Forex market, basically, is that currencies are being traded in pairs, where the relative value is determined by the market itself. For instance, the price for one currency is set if paired with another.

FX trading is a complex field where many factors are involved. Being a good trader takes a lot of practice, learning, and skill. That said, it’s no wonder more and more Forex education platforms are being launched, allowing people to learn all there is to know about this business. But how do you decide on the best trading education website? In the sea of different options, our choice landed on Bitworms.com.

What it offers is a versatile studying material that will provide even the most inexperienced traders with extensive knowledge. It’s a comprehensive learning site, with several courses with different difficulty. That’s a great strategy since everyone can find something they need. Whether you are a beginner and have no experience in Forex trading, or you are a seasoned trader that needs some upgrade — there are options to choose from that will best suit your needs.


Choose a Course That’s the Best Fit for You

Deciding on the package that’s the most suitable for your level of knowledge is easy with bws22.com. Before you even start, you can easily check where you stand with your understanding of Forex and let the platform choose the course that’s the best fit for you. There’s a convenient option to check your knowledge with a simple button — it will redirect you to a test that will put you under the right category, based on your results.

So, once you know which package to choose, you just need to enroll in a suitable course. Let’s see what your options are.


The Starter is a course with all the fundamentals that a trader needs to know. It’s perfectly tailored for those who have no experience and wish to learn the basics. The price for this course is only 249 EUR, which is a great deal considering you will get 1 eBook, live signals, fundamentals of trading, market news, and 3 introduction courses. Although this course is tailored for newbies, having a bit of basic knowledge won’t hurt — you can benefit from it either way.


In order to enroll in the Advanced course, you need to have at least some fundamental understanding of the Forex market and the trading tools. However, it’s not the most complex package, so it’s still pretty easy to follow. What you’ll get for 490 EUR is 3 eBooks, 5 introduction courses, 2 advanced courses, and an economic calendar.


The most popular course at Bitworms is the Pro course, offering a wide variety of study materials and a rich insight into online trading education. The reason for such a high demand for this package is the content it includes. For the price of 890 EUR, you can have access to trends, 5 eBooks, full access to introduction courses, an economic calendar, market news, 2 advanced courses, and live signals.


Bitworms’ most proficient course is the Alpha. It’s designed for seasoned traders who want to upgrade their skills in order to become the best in the game. It offers an exclusive insight into the bits and pieces of essential trading tools and learning materials. Get to the top of the game and learn the secrets of the trading business. The price of this course is 1050 EUR.

Once you’re done acquiring all the knowledge and info Bitworms offers, your knowledge will get the recognition it deserves. You will earn a diploma that certifies your skills and proves you’ve passed the courses and the quizzes. That’s the perfect icing on the cake.


Is Bitworms.com a Scam?

We hope this Bitworm review has helped you decide to take the first step in your Forex journey and invest in your future today. Or if you are already a professional trader who wants to learn more and improve your trading and skills — look no further. Among the many online trading educations we’ve reviewed, we can safely say that Bitworms is your most reliable source of invaluable knowledge and information that’s needed in the Forex world. The diploma you get once you’re done, only adds to the quality of the whole package.