What Can You Get if You Choose BitWorms?


Have you ever heard about BitWorms? This is an educational website about the Forex market that offers different courses and learning materials. Apparently, this can be a one-stop solution for every trader who wants to learn more and improve skills and knowledge. We wanted to check if BitWorms really offers all those things that are promised on the website or not.

If we judge by the comments of existing clients, BitWorms is a place where you will stay for a while. A lot of people chose some courses here and almost all of them were satisfied with the service. This is more than enough for us to have high expectations, so let’s see in this BitWorms review if they will live up to our expectations or not.


Diversity of Courses

One of the most important things in the Forex market is to find a place where you will be able to learn and improve your knowledge continuously. This means that you need a proper website that provides multiple courses, so you can choose according to your experience and budget.

With bws22.com you will have a decent selection, that’s for sure. You can choose the smallest course that is priced just 249 EUR and it is a perfect option for people who don’t have experience. In this course you will have all about fundamentals of trading, one eBook, three introduction courses, market news and live signals.

For those traders that seek more education, there are four other options such as Advanced Course and in this one you will have three eBooks, five introduction courses, two advanced courses, market news, live signals and economic calendar. If this doesn’t fulfil your needs, you can move on to Pro or Alpha Course — the biggest ones in the offer and if you go with Alpha, for example, you will have full access to eBooks, full access to introduction courses, full access to advanced courses, market news, live signals, economic calendar, trends, trading charts, and daily analysis video for 1050 EUR.

For now, we can say one thing — the first part of this BitWorms review was excellent. We wanted a decent selection with good learning material and that’s exactly what we got. So, if the rest of the service is equally good, we will be able to tell that BitWorms is an excellent website that deserves your attention.



If at any point, you need assistance there are four different methods to contact them. You can use an online form, email and phone number. Support is offered five days a week and if you send a message within working hours, you will get a prompt reply.

Since we wanted to see if the online form is simple enough, we used it to see how responsive they are. We contacted them within working hours and we received an email the same day. The reply was detailed, we got every information that we needed and there was no need to ask additional questions. Our impressions are positive and we can say that BitWorms provides responsive and knowledgeable support that will help you solve any issue you have.



In this part we will definitely see if BitWorms is a scam or not. If you wish to purchase some course, you can use Credit Card, Interac or Trustly. As soon as you open an account and choose the course, you will be able to start learning. So, this is a big plus since you do not have to wait a single second. All of that means only one thing — bws22.com is not a scam website and your money is safe here.

Additional Benefits

This is the part that excites us the most. There are two things we wanted to talk about. The first one is the money back guarantee. If you purchase a course and you end up disappointed, you can send a request within 14 days and they will give you your money back. So, there is not a single chance that you end up unsatisfied.

Another thing that we liked is the possibility to test your knowledge before you choose a course. They created a very good test that you can do and see what course is the best one for you. This way you won’t make mistakes and you will have the best service that completely suits you.

Lastly, to sum up your good work, you will get a Diploma. The way you will have a written confirmation of your education and we all know how important that is.



As a final part of this BitWorms review, we will tell you that you won’t make a mistake if you sign up and choose a course here. This website provides excellent service, security is on the highest level and you can count on support if anything goes wrong. Overall, a service that deserves an A plus.